Saturday, April 15, 2017

No April Showers! Week of April 10 - 15th (Saturaday Part 1)

We have had a very dry week, with no rain predicted for another week. This will make our Easter beach day at Leaa's very nice, and for all the local Easter egg hunts.
The week was typical with AA's Chinese lesson and robotics on Monday. Tuesday, she had the first day of the 4th grade State standardized testing and her piano lesson with Jesse. Then they raced back to Eagle Harbor for her PGA Junior Team practice. Busy day! Wednesday, Ford and AA practiced golf and then we headed to the River House where AA played with Liam (his Dad Shane plays music and Mom Alison was there too).

Thursday, my Mom sent me 20 mini-Whoopie Pies from Maine! Yummy, I ate one right away!
Friday, AA had her golf lesson with Coach Kathy and they tried a new ball the ProV1X, seems to go further and better control going into the wind, Kathy posted a YouTube video of her drives. And worked on her swing and completing past her "pocket".
Then AA and Daddy picked up Liam Myers to go to the practice range at Eagle Harbor. They spent two hours hitting balls and putting. He has an older brother who played in some US Kids Golf tournaments back in 2012. After a snack in Talons, and dropping him home, they went to the grocery store to pick up hamburger and buns for dinner.
As it was my birthday, Carolyn came over and we enjoyed Ford's BURNT burgers (huge flare-up on grill!!) and salad. I baked a blueberry pie for our birthday cake.
Vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top! We enjoyed having Carolyn with us!
I opened my gifts of Starbucks gift cards from my Mom and Carolyn, plus three pairs of earrings from daughter Alyzabeth - all pretty shades of blue and Hubby bought me the matching Maine sea glass earrings that go with the bracelet he gifted me last year! Love them all.
(only two pairs of the blue earrings above - I am wearing one pair!)
Saturday, we enjoyed a piece of blueberry pie with pancakes before AA headed off to her NFJG UF tournament.
While they were gone to the NFJG UF Tournament, I worked around the house, made the potato salad for tomorrow's family dinner at Leaa's and stained the plant stand my Dad made me years ago. It was looking rough as I had left it alone to "weather". Since I am staining all our wood benches a white deck stain (water-proofing), it is now white stained.

Dad's plant stand before and after first coat of satin:

It needs a second coat. It is nice to remember Dad and all the good things he did for our family. Spring cleaning. Easter, a time for rebirth. Making this plant stand look new again, a time for new beginnings. Worth celebrating!
I read about this idea on using my citronella plant leaves in a floating candle jar for patio ambiance. Add some lemon or lime rinds and you have a pretty candle and it helps keep mosquito away. (I gave CR a citronella plant for her birthday)
After the golf tournament, AA stopped by friend Jane's birthday party, with a Harry Potter theme. Glad she got to go even if for only 30 minutes! Saturday is DONE!!

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