Saturday, April 15, 2017

NFJG University of Florida Tournament (Part 2 Saturday the 15th)

AA played with three other girls, Katelyn H. (Gainesville), Molly D. (Valdosta, GA) And Candace J (Keystone Heights) on Saturday April 15th at the University of Florida Golf course, Mark Bostic Golf Course. She placed second for a couple of reasons, mainly from using a  new ball (watch the YouTube video from Coach Kathy G. Nyman - aka Rain Girl). AA's drives were longer, specifically three holes but didn't realize that her chipping would be changed too. So throughout the tournament she was going longer on her chips, didn't realize until afterwards that it was the new ball, so she took some extra strokes during her short game. Also, on the 9th hole (last), she hit into a long, narrow bunker that she could not see, so didn't know to avoid. Oh well. Everytime something changes with her equipment, balls, the golf course itself is different every time (and she didn't get a practice round in as this one was too far away). She did fine and would probably win if she got a second round tomorrow. It happens! All good, as now they can practice with more knowledge going forward.

The four players, AA is always the smallest.
Second place - missed getting a cool gator trophy.
 Our champion golfer! Her sweetest smile!
From Jack's Newsletter:
In the Girls Foundation four players would battle it out and Katelyn Huber would flex a little muscle as she outscored nine times a Champion Alyzabeth Morgan by just two strokes. Huber would shoot a nicely done 43 and Morgan a 45.
Three pars and a birdie at the par-38th hole would be plenty to get the job
done and earn the Foundation Gator Award. Alyzabeth Morgan would win the Silver Medal and Candance Jackson playing in her first event would win the Bronze medal shooting a fine score of 49.

And, as I mentioned previously, she was able to make the very end of Jane's birthday party.
It was a beautiful day, close to 80 degrees. I stayed home with the puppy again, making potato salad for tomorrow's family hang at Leaa and Jesse's. We attended a fund-raiser earlier in April and won a homemade dessert. We ordered it for this weekend, a carrot cake to take to Leaa's. The talented lady, JoAnn, delivered it and what a beautiful cake! She was going to make a smaller round cake and 12 cupcakes, but this cake is HUGE! Can't wait to try it out on Easter Sunday.
 Happy Easter!

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