Friday, April 07, 2017

It's April! The 3rd - 7th

Monday, AA went to her OPE robotics club meeting and Ford attended a teacher-parent conference with Mrs. Rainer. All is well with AA's school work and they are preparing for the 4th Grade Florida State tests. We went to the River House and it poured rain for about 30 minutes. We enjoy chatting with our ROCA and Palace neighbors.
We had a huge thunderstorm on Monday night-Tuesday morning. Loud thunder and lots of lightning! It poured rain! The sun came out by noon and dried quickly. Ford took AA to her piano lesson with Jesse and I made a new pasta-salmon dinner.
Wednesday - Glad to have Miss Nancy back in town for AA's Chinese lesson.
Thursday - 4th Grade Awards Ceremony (All A's and Reading Award) and AA played golf with Ms. Penny at Eagle Harbor. I made a new Chinese pepper steak crock-pot recipe and it was very good over rice. Lots of bell peppers and onions, AA said she loved it!

Friday - No school as it was Clay County Fair day so did a separate post.
No golf tournament this weekend - it's the Masters! Speaking of which, friend Tyler Mawhinney placed second over all in the Boys 7 - 9 Drive, Chip and Putt contest in Augusta. We can't wait to hear all about the trip to Augusta!
Maybe this will be AA's year to go to the Masters! (try outs are May 2017 - September 2017 for the Masters' DCP April 2018).

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