Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday!

AA's Easter basket included marshmallow eggs, peeps, some chocolate crisp bunnies, a larger Snickers bunny and the movie Moana. Also, the Easter bunny hid eggs that had one of her favorite candies in them, mini-tootsie rolls. She also opened a card from her Nana Ann of the North with another $2 bill in it (we are going to send AA off to college with hundreds of these bills from her Nana!!). We headed to the early church service at OPUMC and then Hubby-Daddy made us breakfast.

For the afternoon, we headed to an Easter afternoon that Leaa and Jesse hosted. Some beach time. Some good food! Cathy and Werner bought me a birthday cake, card and wine! Sweet of them!!
Carrot cake - dense, moist, sweet and YUMMY!
Walking to beach - Leaa, Jesse, Stuart, Christa drove and parked where we cross A1A. Dylan and neighbor friends Lily and John were walking in front of us (Mom is Abbey).
Leaa and Christa:
 Christa, Stuart and Alyson {me!}:
AA's writing in the sand, her legs are really dark as I was experimenting with getting the writing to have more contrast, still need to work on this one!
Looking into the sun, so lots of squinting:
I asked them to "fight" over the stick they used to write in the sand - trying for a fun pose, didn't get one this time.
AA writing in the sand:
Hubby and Werner stayed at the house and watched golf and chatted. I sent a message to Ford in the sand:
The girls wrote their names and birth dates in the sand; I turned one of Livi into a "sketch", trying out the new photo editing program - FastStone Image Viewer. I was trying to make the words in the sand more visible.
It was a good visit including Stuart and Christa; missing Justin and Kilee, also Nicole and family. AA had a good time, which was great considering we don't go to the beach very often. Next up is Livi's birthday party at her Mimi and Carl's home.

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