Friday, April 07, 2017

Clay Fair Day - No School! 04/07/17

Friday, the 7th was no school day so most families with students head to the fair. It is the best fair around with plenty of entertainment, 4H exhibits and the rides. AA is fully on board now when it comes to enjoying the rides. Just a short two years ago we were still prodding her to get on the Ferris-wheel with us. She had a blast last year with cousins Kathy and Carolyn; this year was even better with Weigand and Williams families. AA and Jane:

At the Old Florida church - Jane's family (senior high Trey, Riley in 2nd grade, Dax behind AA and Jane):
Waiting in line:
First time we have heard of a Maine Angus breed!
Here's "Cowboy"!
Hang gliding with Connor:
Bumper cars:
Floating a yellow duck by hand pumping water, I think it was a race:
Connor's Mom Edilyn and Dad Garrett kept AA for a few hours so they had lots of fun then went to eat dinner at AA's favorite Mexican restaurant (somewhat fast food, but good and fresh) Tijuana Flats. We went to the River House and watched the Masters! A BIG thank you to the Williams!
Fun day at the Fair!

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