Saturday, April 01, 2017

Back to School! Spring Break is Over!

I still do not have a photo view or editing program, so all photos taken on our Nikon will be added later. This is a quick post that will be edited when I can upload the week's photos.
Tuesday, March 28th was back to school. She had her piano lesson yesterday, before we went to the Fort, so after school on her first day back could be less hectic. She did some golfing and we cooked dinner.
Wednesday - We are happy when Nancy is in town, so caught a Chinese lesson.
Thursday AA had a lesson with Coach Kathy. Ginger had her summer hair cut at PetSmart by Christin (Rusty Logan's daughter).
Before photos - the shaggy puppy! She will be 8 months old on April 5th.

Here's Ginger's summer hair cut - she feels cooler, looks like a puppy now and is so much nicer to snuggle with! We will let some grow on her head and muzzle, it is already in the 80's here, she needed a trim!
Friday AA golfed with Ms. Penny and Lauren, first time together.
Grades came out and she made all A's again! She is a good reader which helps. 
Ford and I enjoyed a bottle of champagne that cousin Carolyn gave us, very nice!
Saturday - the Clay County Fair is here! And swimming in our neighborhood pool. I will add the Clay County Fair photos later.
We spent time in the Old Florida section (tasted the chicken and rice and collard greens) and Ford actually volunteered to take her on the rides! Thank you! We drank lemonade and AA had an ice cream root beer float as we were leaving. Finally have a new free photo editing program, easy to use! Here's the rest of our photos of AA and her Daddy!
I think this was the first time AA went on a roller coaster:
Multi-seat swing:
Root Beer Ice Cream Float!
We love the fair!

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