Friday, March 03, 2017

Week of February 27 - March 3rd

Our week was typical, with a few changes to the "usual" schedule. Monday is still the OPE Robotics Club and afterwards, some practice at EH golf club. Tuesday is AA's piano lesson with Jesse; for dinner we took meatloaf, baked potatoes and a new Winn-Dixie apple-broccolli slaw. I did visit with Dylan and chat with her in her bedroom while AA was playing piano.

Also, while at Leaa's, looking through their old 33 LP's, found this one - James Taylor - we used as a guest book at her college graduation:
Wednesday was a quick trip to the OP library to see friend Kim's painting exhibit.
Then after school, AA went golfing with Lauren. While they were golfing, I made up the silent auction coffee-themed basket for the Cathy Rangeo fund raiser this Saturday and I took it to the River House. I actually sat out on the river enjoying a glass of wine until Ford and AA arrived. Dinner was all ready so no hurry!
Thursday, expected rain, cooler weather so after school, no golfing; went to the library, went to RH to watch PGA in Mexico City. At the library, Ford was looking over the Teen magazines and thought this was too disgusting to pass by - The Boy's Life was all about adventure, growing up and the Girl's Life was all about being cute, catching that special guy and fashion. What a sexist magazine with no content that would be good for a young lady except to catch a man!! The Boy's Life should be called Girls and Boys as the material is good for both. Several issues stayed true to their themes - boys had fun exploring and girls made themselves pretty for the boys! Horrible!!
On a different note, my Mom used this DHS band photo on TBT, with Lisa Purington (Jordan):
Mom sent a photo of Grammie Merrill's cedar chest for AA's bedroom. We were thinking of buying a storage bench for the foot of her bed, this will be perfect to keep extra blankets in!
Friday, golf lesson with Coach Kathy then a round with Ms. Penny back at Eagle Harbor. 
We have been storing a few bottles of wine for a special occasion, but got worried that this bottles was compromised as it accidentally went in our storage unit for two years. Just found it (finally clearing our the units) and opened it. Still good! We had a bottle given to us by niece and hubby Christina Morgan Jackman in January 2007 and a bottle given to us by Cathy Hollaway, after her trip to California. Not sure who gave us the Merlot. It was good!
No golf tournament this weekend! Off to RAM and the River House fund raiser, then Sunday at Cathy and Werner's to see the kids' Aunt Linda.

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