Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday - Top Golf with LPGA Girls Golf

AA's coach is involved with the local girls golf and mentioned that they were hosting a free event to try out the new TopGolf venue in Jacksonville. AA signed up and enjoyed playing.

A huge group attended!
AA was originally paired with some very young kids, but Coach Kathy came and gave AA her own bay to hit balls. They didn't play any of the games, so we will go back and have some more fun!
The plans were for AA to spend the night at sister Leaa's home and see Beauty and the Beast with Livi and Dylan, but not to be. Turned out they were exposed to hair lice, so at the time decided to postpone the plans. We will head off this afternoon to see it with her Daddy and Mommy - me!
It was a great movie with tons of music, singing and a few disjointed scenes, but overall a stunning show. The actual story-line, if you dive in deep, may not be what our diverse culture demands today, so take it as a fairy tale and enjoy!

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