Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday March 5th

This weekend was a weekend off from golfing; we had some choices but let AA do other activities. For four years, she has been intense about playing and lately we have backed off a bit so that she can enjoy playing without the "daily grind". She plays regularly through out the week, just not entering tournaments every weekend. Today, we went to church which gets very neglected when she has tournaments on Sunday and it was a cool morning so we actually drove in the car. Then a light lunch and off to Cathy and Werner's for a visit with "Aunt Linda". We had a great time, lots of food (we made cole slaw and took fresh strawberries), talked about Advance High's basketball team going to the State tournament in Columbia next week, so took a photo of all the Advance High School graduates. The first photo was funny as Angie was trying to kneel in front of the others and get into a cheerleader pose (she was a cheerleader at AHS) - all to congratulate AHS.

Final pose!
 Three sisters: Linda, Angie and Cathy, along with Ford:
Dylan had a rough week, she tripped walking and fell; result was a bruised lip and two skinned knees! Pretty bad fall.
Livi and AA (Kilee curled Livi's hair):
On the drive home we made a very impromptu stop at the Green Cove Springs coffee shop. We ran into our neighbors Gary R. and Kim, who were coming back from their weekly hike in the conservation park on Highway 16. After having a cappuccino, AA and I walked to Spring Park and only stayed a few minutes - the wind was blowing!
Back home, Ginger was a good puppy in her crate and we found out that Dustin Johnson won the Mexico City PGA tournament - Congrats!!

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