Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break Thursday Continued (with Connor)

After touring the Catty Shack (and each of them buying a new ball cap), we went to Memorial Park (near Riverside/Five Points) then to Boone Park then to Hawkers Asian Restaurant. 
At Memorial Park, we just stretched our legs and enjoyed the wide open lawn along the river.

Boone Park - Lots of fun, the playground equipment was scaled for up to 12 years old, so plenty of high climbing!
{I give up on why this one photo above won't insert correctly}
Fun swing plus lots of different rides to get dizzy on!
AA had fallen the past Tuesday (while playing tag with local family's grandson near our home) so she was a bit gingerly with a bad elbow, knee and hand.
Early dinner at Hawkers Street Fare:
Good eating!
Our fun day ended with Connor's parents picking him up at the River House where we proceeded to chat for a couple of hours (well past our 7:00 p.m. children-are-to-be-gone time!). Courtney, Connor and AA played outside even with the wind howling. We enjoyed some drinks and chatting over lots of topics. Fun family!

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