Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break - Catty Shack: Lions and Tigers!

We spent a half day with friend Connor Williams going to the Catty Shack on the Northside (Oceanway) of Jacksonville. We had read about this sanctuary and was looking forward to a visit. With a cloudy and possibly rainy day, we still planned to go with our umbrellas and rain coats. Fortunately, nothing more than a sprinkle or two all day. Standing by the road sign:

Beginning of the tour; also watched a video of the sanctuary before entering the main gate to the animals.
The first few cages were impressive and the tour guide was very informative.
Each cage had a name plate sign with information about the individual animal and how it was acquired by the sanctuary.
The coatimundis were acquired because some college students thought they would make good pets but found out that a wild animal is a WILD animal!
Tigers!! One cage had five tigers together. The tour guide told many stories about how the animals ended up in the same cage or alone.
We enjoyed the tour which can take up to an hour and a half, but overall, there is not much to see after the tour, so a two hour visit was plenty for us. A worthwhile cause and all looked very well kept. As we were leaving, the third tour was underway, packed: about 40 people per tour, so it has a great following.
{just a note that our photo editing program is corrupted, so these are raw pictures, no touching up this week!}

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