Sunday, March 05, 2017

Saturday March 4th

We began our day with AA playing Minecraft with Noah W. during breakfast, then ready to hit the spring opening of RAM. We bought vegetables (cabbage, onions, bell peppers, etc. for cole slaw - took to Cathy's on Sunday) and wandered through the vendors. It was really COLD along the river. Wind of 20 mph and temperatures in the 50's. A beautiful sunny day just a bit cool for us. We ate lunch at Moon River Pizza (salads are great!). At home we did more puttering and dressed for the River House find raiser for Cathy Rangeo. With the wind even stronger, it was a challenge for most people to be outside at the River House, which made the inside very crowded. Carolyn joined us and Jean, JT and Aiden Clark. The BBQ dinners ran out so Carolyn and I munched back at home. Here's the coffee themed basket we put together and donated - "Coffee Lover Wanted":

AA and Ford enjoying a cozy spot before it was really crowded;  and Ford with Cathy; wigs were in fashion!
Carolyn spent some time back at our home (with Fayah), we munched, visited; also measured her and AA on our wall. AA is 4'7"!
That wrapped up our Saturday!

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