Sunday, March 12, 2017

NFJG Queen's Harbor - Nor'easter!

From Facebook: AA had a wet, cold and windy Nor'easter to play in today at Queen's Harbor Yacht and Golf Club (very rough greens and fighting strong winds) - she did well except for the wind taking a ball in flight on a Par 3 and seemed to stop it dead and drop into the water, so didn't make it over the hazard - looked like a perfect drive per Ford, would have made it! The temperature was to be near 60ish, but with the storm, they needed to bundle up! She still took 1st place, she seems to play golf well in bad weather, just plugs away at each hole. {Foundation girls 12 and under, Ladies red tees}.

This is the first time AA played this course in a tournament; usually it was the same time as the U.S. Kids Golf Regional - Jekyll Island, which we are not going to this year. Ford said due to a couple of holes that most of the kids struggled with, they waited about 30 minutes at one hole to wait for everyone to clear the green. And, Ford and AA wore their prescription sun glasses, not realizing how gray the day was (yes, raining!) and that it got darker an hour earlier! AA made fun of themselves saying they were the only ones with sunglasses on. Too funny! We are so used to wearing sunglasses that the one day in 14 or so, that is cloudy, we don't notice and don't change our habits!
Photos from Facebook page. Driving range:
Chipping practice:

Putting green:
Andrew Davis' Dad:
Adoptee friend (lives in Magnolia Point, but plays on Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Golf team), Ryan Houck:
Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Team mates: Chase and Emmet.
Foundation Boys winner Matthew French:
Foundation Girls: Emma, Leah and winner AA:
From Jack's NFJG newsletter:
Crazy weather day at Queen's Harbour Yacht and Country Club, but we got it all in! Congrats to all our medal winners and to all who braved the weather to play. Right around 12:30 pm a gust of wind blew in that never let up. The wind hounded and pounded the players for nearly five hours as temperatures steadily dropped into the fifties.  The Pro-shop staff said they sold more jackets then they did all year. Man was it blowing! 30+ mph at times and temps dropping into the chilly 40 something with the wind chill.  It looked like a lot of fun for the TOUR Players, but spectators just sitting or standing around payed a price to watch some pretty interesting golf. 

Our Foundation Boys would have nine in the field and our Girls would climb to five. These divisions would be at the back of the pack of tee times, playing in the worst of conditions, but they all held their own.
Our Foundation Girls found seven time champion Alyzabeth Morgan back at the helm once again for her eighth win this season. Morgan’s play gets better and better every week. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this bright shining star.
Leah Shatley would be next in line looking for her first win of the season. Her Silver Medal would be her fourth top three in a row. Taking the Bronze Medal would be first time player Emma Wells.

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