Saturday, March 11, 2017

Exciting News - Brag Alert - OPE Reading Challenge! March 6th - 11th

Our week began with another beautiful forecast, we have had very few cold days this "winter". Just waiting for the frost to come! 
AA has been golfing most days except Tuesday's (piano lesson). This week she had the opportunity to play Queen's Harbor practice round with Ms. Penny on Tuesday (so skipped music lesson!). Ford reported that there are a few water holes that AA will need to "lay up" during this Sunday's NFJG tournament and that the course was not in good shape. The greens were rough, so much so the ball didn't roll smoothly.
Tuesday, we found out that AA was a top reader for her entire Elementary school, only three kids read over 1 million words. She was one of seven in her classroom who met or exceeded their reading "number of books" goal. She enjoyed the ice cream sundae as a reward during her resource time and she selected a book as a prize. She's a very good reader and we are happy for her!

On Wednesday, she golfed with Lauren (FIHS), which allows AA to be out on the golf course without a parent! Thursday was a golf practice day with her Caddie Daddy. Friday is her regular lesson with Coach Kathy Grant Nyman; and then buying 100 golf balls off of Craig's List.
On Thursday, Ford's Missouri family had an exciting day - niece Kaci (and Luke) had one son Jack in the Advance High School State basketball qualifying game and WON!! Onto the Missouri High School State game on Saturday the 11th. Also, Kaci and Luke drove to Nashville (from Columbia) to watch son Lane play on Ole Miss team against their favorite college team Mizzu! Ole Miss won. 
Leading up to the Advance State game, many were posting TBT old basketball photos. Here's one with Bill and Ford in it:

Saturday: Ford took AA golfing (the course was crowded and slow), then AA and I headed to the bookstore (Barnes and Noble) as a treat, she bought three books including the Beauty and the Beast, and a new Warrior book too (of course!). We love that she loves to read! Our sweet smart beautiful daughter! {her older sister loved(s) to read too. It's a good hobby to have - keep away from the electronics for awhile!}
Advance High School played a great game but lost the State Championship; still proud of Ford's hometown!
We later had a picnic style dinner at the River House with friends Arnie and Janet Reynard (ROCA, going through cancer treatments right now), Maureen and Hugh O'Connell (Palace), Kathy McDonald (Capri) and Penny Reynen (AA's golf mentor). Very crowded due to several wedding parties having a good time continuing their reception on the river. And the time change is here - we "sprung" forward!

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