Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break: March 19th - 27th Odds and Ends

With no travel plans made for this spring break, we are happy to be exploring our local sights.
I actually washed the old 2002 truck to spruce it up, made some home cooked dinners, went shopping with AA (books, and more books), plus her usual golfing with High School student Lauren (on 22nd) and then 18 holes played with Ms. Penny (on the 21st).
I made shepherd's pie only in a baked potato, came out tasty if not very pretty!

Painting at Carolyn's home over the weekend (17-18-19th). Every project seems to take longer than planned or I slow her down!!
We sanded, first coat of paint, then second coat. Carolyn did the ceiling and trim too.
The old truck:
We have slowed down due to Ford having a cold and AA's allergy cough is back. So some of our days have some rest time included.
I took AA and her friend Connor to the Catty Shack on Thursday, then Friday was not very eventful. Saturday AA went to the signing up of the Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Golf Team. Coach Bryan had a fun marshmallow hitting contest and had the U.S. Kids demo of new clubs.
This is the trophy from the Fall PGA Junior League, the Eagle Harbor team won the city championship:
Hitting a large marshmallow!
 Coach Bryan sets up some fun kids golfing events!
Later on Saturday, we went to dinner at Biscotti's, haven't been there is a long time. We ordered our favorite salads and AA now loves the salmon and lentils salad. Lastly, we headed to the River House and visited with Arnie, Janet, Maureen and Hugh; perfect weather - in the 70's and sunny. We are enjoying springtime sitting on our screen porch too.
Sunday, with Ford still resting (her hasn't been sleeping well at night), AA and I went to church, had lunch then Ford did take her to play a round of golf (which ended up being very slow!).
We were going to jump in the pool but relaxed, eating dinner on the screen porch.
Monday was a full day, letting Daddy stay home. AA and I went to her piano lesson, we changed the date since I wanted to take her to the St. Augustine Fort too. We headed to the Fort and walked for about an hour and a half.
Then lunched at Urban Back 40. After driving home, Ford took AA golfing then we finally jumped in the pool for the first time of the season. The air temperature had dropped into the low 70's and the pool water was 76 degrees. AA swam a lot, while I just walked in the shallow end. Tuesday, March 28th is back to school!
We have lost our photo editing program which included how I copied my photos from the camera to the computer. Until we find another one we like, my picture taking will be a lot less and probably on the iPad! {Found FastStone Image Viewer!}

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break Thursday Continued (with Connor)

After touring the Catty Shack (and each of them buying a new ball cap), we went to Memorial Park (near Riverside/Five Points) then to Boone Park then to Hawkers Asian Restaurant. 
At Memorial Park, we just stretched our legs and enjoyed the wide open lawn along the river.

Boone Park - Lots of fun, the playground equipment was scaled for up to 12 years old, so plenty of high climbing!
{I give up on why this one photo above won't insert correctly}
Fun swing plus lots of different rides to get dizzy on!
AA had fallen the past Tuesday (while playing tag with local family's grandson near our home) so she was a bit gingerly with a bad elbow, knee and hand.
Early dinner at Hawkers Street Fare:
Good eating!
Our fun day ended with Connor's parents picking him up at the River House where we proceeded to chat for a couple of hours (well past our 7:00 p.m. children-are-to-be-gone time!). Courtney, Connor and AA played outside even with the wind howling. We enjoyed some drinks and chatting over lots of topics. Fun family!

Spring Break - Catty Shack: Lions and Tigers!

We spent a half day with friend Connor Williams going to the Catty Shack on the Northside (Oceanway) of Jacksonville. We had read about this sanctuary and was looking forward to a visit. With a cloudy and possibly rainy day, we still planned to go with our umbrellas and rain coats. Fortunately, nothing more than a sprinkle or two all day. Standing by the road sign:

Beginning of the tour; also watched a video of the sanctuary before entering the main gate to the animals.
The first few cages were impressive and the tour guide was very informative.
Each cage had a name plate sign with information about the individual animal and how it was acquired by the sanctuary.
The coatimundis were acquired because some college students thought they would make good pets but found out that a wild animal is a WILD animal!
Tigers!! One cage had five tigers together. The tour guide told many stories about how the animals ended up in the same cage or alone.
We enjoyed the tour which can take up to an hour and a half, but overall, there is not much to see after the tour, so a two hour visit was plenty for us. A worthwhile cause and all looked very well kept. As we were leaving, the third tour was underway, packed: about 40 people per tour, so it has a great following.
{just a note that our photo editing program is corrupted, so these are raw pictures, no touching up this week!}

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break! Ms. Penny at Amelia Ocean Links - Tuesday

It was exciting for AA to finally play Ms. Penny Reynen's favorite golf course. Ford drove her to the course and watched them play; he marveled at how EVERYONE knew Ms. Penny and greeted her warmly. EVERYONE! A beautiful course with many beach views. They played all 18 holes. What fun!!

Beautiful day for golfing!
Ms. Penny helps AA with much guidance of her game.
What views!
Fun playing together - we are grateful for her time and effort to our AA.
Growing young lady!
I was glad that Ford took the good camera and took so many nice photos.