Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

I did a little table decorating, printed out AA's school Valentine's plus sent off several Valentine's Day cards (mainly relatives, plus with a few pictures to Great-Grands: Ann, Joy, Lester, Barbara and Ginny).
We took some candy to the Grand's on the 31st and had Valentine's Day dinner with them on the 14th which included chicken tenders, sweet potato casserole and macaroni and cheese - PLUS homemade chocolate dipping sauce for fruit and brownie bites (plus one of AA's candies she gave to classmates). And AA "re-started" music lessons with Jesse; it has been a few years since her last one!
AA received Valentine cards in the mail (with a little cash too) from Nana Ann and her Great-Auntie Jean; plus a dozen or so cards/candy from classmates (it was optional for 4th graders) along with a sweet note from Jane W. and lots of stuff from us!
Ford bought me candy and a balloon (we made a pack 30+ years ago - no flowers!) and AA gave me chocolate truffles (really yummy good!) and a card. A sweet day for us!

At Leaa's for dinner, Dylan and AA watched a movie and AA's first music lesson:
AA's Valentine card said "Join the HEART side" with a LEGO style Darth Vader on it. After Valentine's Day - candy from school and us, plus cards:

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