Saturday, February 25, 2017

This and That - The Usual Routine Week of February 21st

The weeks fly by with mostly routine activities. With robotics on Monday's and no horse lessons for awhile, it actually makes for an easier week - and this past Monday was President's Day and AA was in the two-day NFJG tournament
This week, I attended the WPOA Board meeting while Ford and AA went to Jesse's for AA's weekly music lesson; then it rained on Wednesday so AA did not play with Lauren and then on Thursday, Ms. Penny had to break her appointment with AA due to some work that took longer than expected. It happens in the winter here, that a few days will go by with weather unsuitable to golf. AA went to her golf lesson on Friday with Coach Kathy and then played a quick nine at Cimarrone, where her tournament is this Sunday.
I broke out my sewing basket (actually a wooden cubby-storage table from Aunt Elsie); I repaired AA's riding gloves and two tops; it's been awhile since I did some manual sewing: 

We continue to cook dinners each day, trying many new recipes. I baked a new ziti casserole and then made this bean soup; was very good, similar to Ford's white beans and ham; so will save it.
We had a HUGE flock of robins visit us; they hung around the neighborhood for a few days and then were gone. At one point there were six taking a bath in our bird bath. The Weigand's captured them on video, so fun to watch.
I did a TBT with this pillow that E-E made me. It has a zipper in the back, can remove the foam pillow.
AA decided that she would not be using all the LEGO sets that she spent much time building. Once built it is hard to store them and play with them. So we donated them to the Florida United Methodist Children's Home/Madison Youth Ranch campus. Hope they enjoy them!
Instruction manuals and a tub full of parts.
On Saturday, February 25th, I took AA and friend Connor to the zoo while Ford and son Justin cleaned out one of our storage units. One more to go!

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