Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday - Fun with Noah (President's Day Weekend)

After the early dismissal from school on Friday, AA had a golf lesson with Coach Kathy; they worked on her chipping, one thing, keeping the club in plane, now sweeping out of plane. Then she had her Chinese language lesson with Miss Nancy L. And we treated ourselves to the River House as it was another BEAUTIFUL day! {a bit chilly, but sunny and perfect winter day}.
Saturday has become a standing date with AA's friend Noah W. {Noah is 11 months younger than AA. He made the school deadline date for kindergarten, and AA had missed it the year before. He's the youngest in her grade; she is one of the oldest.} They play Minecraft remotely and enjoy bantering about who did what wrong, or who deleted something or where to build next, etc. All beyond us! Since I planned to take AA to see the ASCE movie Dream Big at the IMAX at noon, I asked Noah if he would come. I assumed the movie would be fairly boring so a friend would at least ease the pain! Turned out to be enjoyable and about a third of the audience were preteens and teens. AA was surprised (as we all were) about the Great Wall of China having sticky rice in the mortar; allowed for slight expansion/movement being build on the mountain knife edge. AA said the entire day was fun, loved having someone to run around in the Hall of Fame together.
I really enjoyed the movie, it was 3D so had some wild dizzy moments. Great stories describing amazing engineering feats, buildings, space stations, bridges, transportation, preventing earthquake building damages through new soil analysis and building designs; also how youth (and college age) are involved in engineering team challenges to create and innovate; highlighting several mentors who make learning fun. When I was in college, we only had one team competition - the concrete canoe race! Kids now have technology and mentors who coach them through difficult problem solving. Good movie for everyone - and only 45 minutes long.

Heading into the IMAX theater:
In front of movie poster:
I loved the music "One Day" by Matisyahu. Great bouncy reggae music and the words reminded me of the message in John Lennon's Imagine.
After the movie, no one was hungry so we headed into the Golf Hall of Fame museum. They completed a fun scavenger hunt (Q&A), some putting and then lunch at the cafe. They both ordered a Caesar salad - two peas in a pod! Beginning of Hall of Fame:
Fun leaderboard - put your name up on the board:
You can electronically put your name on a trophy and have it sent to you by email:
The winners' podium similar to Olympics Rio (a new exhibit with Olympic theme):
They enjoyed a Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt on Fleming Island right before meeting back up with Noah's parents. AA ate every drop!
Fun day for me - hope it was fun for both kids!

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