Friday, February 03, 2017

More Catching Up January - February 2017

AA decided she wanted to try out for track, running and long jump. She finished third in all her heats which was not good enough, so for now we need to come up with a plan to keep her interested in running (probably means I will need to practice with her - heavens!!).
Trying out for the long jump (02/03/17)

We visited Leaa and family on Tuesday, 01/31/17 - we took CNY bags and Valentines candy for the two Grands. Also, Ford gave Jesse the drill press he used when drilling holes in his glass bottle incense burners and AA's bike she out grew. We visited, I made Pioneer Woman's Mexican Chicken soup and then I cut my thumb while prepping dinner for all of us! A pretty deep cut on my thumb. Poor Ford had to help me for a few days as I would split open the cut and he got the dish washing chores too! 
Livi has new glasses and braces - so smiling is difficult right now:
AA has scaled back her golfing lessons, now sees Coach Kathy; working on her driver distance. We are still entering her in NFJG tournaments (ladies/red tees) so she does continue to learn through the competition. We have decided not to go to the U. S. Kids Golf Worlds this year. Rather we will take that time to be in Maine.
On Thursday (02/02/17), I rode for the first time on Ford's Harley. I did not have a helmet and there was no rush getting it as Ford couldn't ride for six months after his by-pass surgery. So I enjoyed my ride and I know he loves going for a "Sunday" drive with Werner periodically. They went on Friday (02/03/17) to Deleon Springs.
 My first ride with Ford.
While Ford was riding with Werner on Friday, I took AA to EH for some practice.
Our WPOA group is moving forward with some repairs this spring. The first traffic island has been completely remodeled - new sprinklers and plants. Plus, the road's safety yellow directional arrows were repainted.
Ford walks and plays with the puppy, Ginger, on the side common lawn.

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