Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jacksonville Zoo with Connor W.

We had a glorious Saturday at the zoo with Connor, a schoolmate from OPE (they played together last October at the local church festival). When we first arrived, I needed to check in at the member desk to pick up our new annual membership. From Facebook: Fun day at the #JacksonvilleZoo! Crowded and lively! Kudos to the Zoo employees who managed the wait lines and moved us through so fast. The #LEGO displays were awesome! Had a blast with Connor, nice boy - Edilyn Torralba Williams - he's polite and enjoyable to be around. We could have stayed longer, so much to see and these two kids enjoyed every exhibit!
First photo near the LEGO polar bears:

The animal exhibits all looked very well, many statutes and artist sculptures along with the LEGOs; we did not see them all. We spent most of the day and hurried a bit. An entire day is needed to see everything and to appreciate the gardens.
Polar Bear LEGO sculpture:
Many birds, ducks, flamingos, etc:
We rode the train three times between the main station and the Trout River Pavilion (near Asia):
In Asia, Connor and AA; lots of bamboo plus the Koi pond.
A LEGO Dodo bird:
Ponderstone sculpture made of glass globes:
Swan LEGO:
Tiger feeding:
Alyzabeth took this photo with her phone camera:
So much to see - I think Connor took a thousand pictures!
Cute poster to pose in front of:
A playground with a huge elephant:
On the train:
Petting the sting rays:
The carousel ride:
On the train, this photo is the animal that AA rode on the carousel:
We ate tacos for lunch and for our final snack, we each had an ice cream cone. Connor and AA chose some wild colorful ice cream! Turned their teeth blue!
It was a great time and we really appreciated the zoo staff who handled the huge crowds today. Since I bought an annual pass, we will definitely go again soon!

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