Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 4th - February 10th

Our weeks have flown by, mostly because we are having GREAT weather. Only a few chilly days and the rest are "open doors" and sit outside weather! We had one bad "north'easter" that toppled a tree in our neighborhood, thankfully no damage.
At OPE, parents are allowed to take their child plus two friends/guest "out to lunch" which means bringing a treat and eating lunch on the school grounds outside. Jane and her Mom Jill selected AA and Owen to eat lunch together. So cute and fun to do something different.

02/04/17: We went with the Weigand's to the MOSH to see the traveling exhibit of Anne Frank's life. It was a sponsored event so was free for two weeks. It showed mainly the timeline of her life. I was shocked to read that the USA would not bring in immigrants that were being persecuted over religious belief! This child would be 77 years old, hopefully safe in USA if our policy was open and accepting. I will have to do more research to answer the question Why? {some research showed that Anne's father applied in 1941 which was very late, already 300,000+ waiting to get into USA, by then he had moved his family to Netherlands, thinking they were safe there, lots to this story, not simple; but USA did change immigration rules to slow down the influx}

AA, Jane and Dax (OPE school mates and closest family that lives near us):
February 5th was the Super Bowl and we made chicken wings (described in a different "food" post). Patriots won in an amazing come-back-from-behind! Atlanta Falcon fans were truly disappointed, so reviewing two of the Patriots touchdowns over and over, from what we can tell, were touchdowns, so Patriots won fair and square (I know, we suspect them of not following rules too).
We have been playing Rummikub a lot, AA likes it, but now that I have won just about every game, she's not too keen on it. Also, on Monday the 6th, AA began the OPE Robotics Club/Team. It is two hours right after school, so no more horse riding lessons on Monday's. We have suspended her riding as we don't have another day available and can't have it start any later on a school night with the hour drive home.
Ford took AA and two friends, Jane W. and Noah W. "out to lunch" on Tuesday the 7th at OPE, he brought them each a huge cookie as a treat; we looked at the weather and selected the best day to sit outside. Have I said enough that our weather has been gorgeous? Ginger loves it too as I can leave the back door open and she can play in the yard whenever she wants to (less walking her for us too!). Jane was excited over the cookie!
Noah is a good friend, AA plays Minecraft with him remotely on the weekends.
My Mom's birthday was the 7th, (along with Pam Davis and Werner H.). We met Pam at the River House for a drink, she had not had anything to drink while she was battling bronchitis and pneumonia since New Year's Day. We sent Mom some flowers from the Lady Slipper Florist and coffee gift cards.
Next, we had the storm go through our town on the 8th, most of it did go north of us, but one water oak toppled in a neighbors yard. Several owners took to the street and cleaned it up in just an hour! The Owners still need to remove the trunk, but nice to see everyone helping out.
Just missed the house:
Missed the car too!
Paul, Marc and Scott removing the tree:
AA continued having a golf lesson with Coach Kathy and playing with Ms. Penny each week. So good to have a new routine, close to home and less stressful!
We attended Jim Hill's 70th birthday party at the RH on Friday, we leave before 7 pm so didn't really join in, just have a drink and relax. The weekend is here!

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