Monday, January 16, 2017

U.S. Kids Golf Copperhead Classic Day 2

Playing in her first 36 hole regional tournament was to be a learning experience and to see how well she held up. With 18 hole practice round on Friday, then the two-day tournament, I think was a bit much. She played fair on day one (89), then on day two, she tripped and fell while walking to the first hole. I am amazed she played all 18 holes with bloody, bruised knees and a puncture wound on one hand. So sad and I was so sorry not to be there to help her, hug her and tell her all will be fine.
I think she needs a few days of rest! We did take her to her pediatrician and all seems well with her knees healing. She was sad that she couldn't run and missed playing tag at school recess.

Day 1 pairing: Mary Miller from GA and Olivia Pellerin from SC.
Day 2 pairing: C.C. Kaplan from NY and Olivia Pellerin from SC.

Her right knee was much worse as she cut into it on the jagged edge of the sidewalk.
The tournament also showed us again how diverse the families are. Most as so kind like the SC family who offered neosporin for AA's knees. The other family continued to break rules and the girl had several temper tantrums during the second day. From laughing hilariously to pouting, she twice dragged her club to get a putt in (and Ford called it out to the Caddie the first time, not her Dad). Her Dad was in the golf cart as a spectator and Ford had to tell the Caddie to have the Dad stop helping and coaching his daughter, as he was a spectator. They tried to break so many rules, it was a relief when it was over. Occasionally,we have reported poor behavior and rule violations to the officials, this time Ford decided not too as he was just too worked up to confront anyone else. These parents must allow this behavior and Ford could tell from the Caddie that he has dealt with her many times and accepts what she does!
After much chatting with AA, we are going to skip the U.S. Kids Golf World's this year. It will be nice not to have the stress leading up to that tournament and will allow us to take a normal vacation! AA said, "Let's head to Maine"!!

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Always wear your tiara said...

In all sports there are always cheaters and it is sooo exasperating. When the officials become immune to it you are left with very little recourse and frankly it's so sad and unfair

I'm so sorry AA tripped, her wounds look so sore. Send her a hug and an atta girl from us please. Xoxo