Sunday, January 08, 2017

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!

I haven't posted much since returning home from Joy's Okeechobee visit on New Year's Day. So here's what we have been doing:
Monday, the 2nd, AA went to her horse riding lesson. She and her Daddy played some golf most days this week.
Tuesday, the 3rd, we drove with Justin to UF to watch great-nephew Lane (Kaci Morgan Below's son) play basketball for the Ole Miss team. Good game even though they lost. They made up for it by winning their next game at Auburn!

 Lane's back, during pregame practice:
Wednesday, the 5th, the last day of school vacation, we went to the movies and saw the excellent prequel Rogue One! Of course, it took us a while to realize why everyone had to be killed in the movie as none of them show up in the original 1970's trilogy. There was a cameo of Princess Leia and others from back then. Really loved the main stars who played Jyn, the blind man Donnie, the defector cargo pilot Bodhi, K-2SO, Baze rebel warrior, Saw (mentor/guardian of Jyn) and Cassian the Captain.

School began on Thursday, the 6th and that was the same day Ginger was spayed. AA's friend Noah Witt gave her a set of headphones for her WiiU set - so they can chat together while playing Minecraft - each at their own homes! Works great!
Also, after school, AA played 11 holes of golf with Ms. Penny R. at Eagle Harbor. First time she went out with Penny and alone - without her Daddy-Caddie!
After 11 holes; Penny said she would play with AA again - making golf fun!
Friday, AA and her Daddy went to Amelia River golf course for a pratice round, getting ready for Sunday's tournament - there are two holes she will need to lay-up to go over water hazards.
Our first really COLD weather descended on us Saturday through today. Two nights with below freezing temperatures! Saturday afternoon, the 7th, we went to the River House and watched a NFL Playoff game near the fireplace while our dinner was baking in the oven at home. Nice!
Sunday, the 8th, AA golfed in the NFJG Tournament at Amelia River and they said it was really chilly (I am home with recovering Ginger)! AA placed first even though it was not a good round of golf for her (only one other girl, McKelvey Dietz, AA used to play with her in the US Kids Golf tournaments). 
In this photo, AA has on a long sleeve gray with pink trim pullover, a long sleeve C9 black shirt, a short sleeve gray C9 sport top and her black/gray hoodie. She also wore an ear cuff/band on her head with her Gyffindor knit cap and a L.L. Bean black fleece vest during play!
From Jack, NFJG Director:
The Amelia River Run Classic has been a traditional junior golf event for the past four years and this event typically is a fan favorite, but with the arctic front approaching and the forecast for a low of 30 and highs only in the mid 40’s and winds gusting 15-20 mph one would need to make a chilling decision to play or not play. Forty-fifty degrees below our comfort level is a reason for concern and we (the committee) did contemplate canceling, but the majority felt the “Show should go on”. The par-5 first hole was a little burrrrrr, dead into the wind which was gusting off of the airport runway, but once you got in between the trees things were a little more tolerable and manageable.
Our Foundation Boys had Seven in the field and our Foundation Girls this had just 2.  
Collecting more Gold this week would be Richard Hayden Ruth with a fine 42 and Alyzabeth Morgan. Aiden Clark who is sending notice that he is working on his game would test the fire of Ruth this week with a nice 45 to take home the Silver for his second Runner-up finish of the year. Anderson Palm would be right behind with a 46 to claim the Bronze for his third top five finishes. 
The Foundation Girls welcomed McKelvey Dietz to the TOUR and she was nothing but smiles as she gained some eye-opening junior tour experience.  Dietz had a couple rough holes, but support by caddying-Mom made it all good.

Chatting on the phone with friend Pam, told me she has pneumonia and poor Carolyn who was babysitting two dogs had one escape from her yard. Bad week!
We also were mourning the loss of so many wonderful celebrities during 2016. Here's a video from iHeart Radio, titled - Dedicating one last dance to those we lost in 2016. 

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