Monday, January 30, 2017

Chinese New Year - First Coast FCC 01/29/2017 Sunday

On Sunday, January 29th, AA missed a NFJG Tournament at Eagle Harbor so that we could attend the CNY celebration at UNF.
The crowd gets smaller each year, fewer families take part; good news there were four new babies brought home in 2016. I can see why teenagers, even pre-teens do not enjoy or get anything out of the celebration. The crafts were geared for young children - a coloring page and gluing together a rooster, not anything AA wanted to do. The food was not good, one smelled so bad AA said she may get sick (and I agreed with her), we had to get another plate. The fried rolls ran out before everyone had been through the line. AA said she missed the ice cream station they used to have; this year just small store bought cookies.  The best part is saying our annual hellos to a few families we know and the lion dance/parade at the end. We had talked about not going and this year sacrificed an important golf tournament. Several families we know celebrate in their own home or neighborhood, we may need to do that as the FCFCC has fewer volunteers (we didn't volunteer to help this year, so shouldn't complain). We suggested years ago to the Board that they partner with the American-Chinese community to host celebrations; would be good to see how Chinese families try to keep some traditions going in their own families. Our dilemma is keeping some China culture for AA; for her to know and appreciate a little about her beginnings. We were glad that Carolyn came with us so we enjoyed seeing her!

The "non-professional" photo:
Every year at the FCFCC CNY celebration, the kids place a flag where they are from - Chongqing City/Nanchuang for this girl!
We won one raffle basket - lots of books!
The end!
At home, I put out some decorations for CNY and Valentine's Day:

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