Friday, January 13, 2017

Alyzabeth's School - 4th Grade Continues

AA earned all A's again this grading period (since October). She is an excellent reader and learns quickly.
Her teacher also had them writing poetry. Here is a sampling of her original Haiku's.
Deer and rabbits watch
The storm is brewing right now
Winter is coming

The tree is bright green
It is lit up with light bulbs
It is raining there

Hi I am Frosty
Children love me very much
I like cool weather

Big, Full
Hanging, Waiting, Staying
Stuffed with Toys, Candy
Big Sock

Santa Is Coming
Santa is coming
With reindeer and presents too
I will wait for him

Her certificate - she did not attend the awards ceremony scheduled for 01/13/17 as she was at Palm Harbor preparing for her regional U.S. Kids Golf Tournament.

Haiku Poems:
And a photo of Ginger, she looks sad, we were hanging out while AA and Ford are at Innisbrook/Copperhead Classic.

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