Sunday, April 23, 2017

WINNER!! Two Day NFJG Titleist Invitational Tournament - St. Johns Golf Course (Elkton)

AA played on Saturday with regular Foundation girl Leah Shatley (Deerwood) and new-comer from South Florida/Palm Beach area, Madison Hydman. There were about a dozen new/first-time players from South Florida, all may be students of Staci Pla's Mom who is a PGA-Pro-Teacher. Staci is only 10 years old and was placed in with the older Girl's (13 - 18) division. She did well on both rounds placing 8th.
With Titleist as the sponsor, there were lots of door prizes and AA won a dozen Titleist Velocity balls (she can't use these balls, too bad she didn't win the Pro V1's).
AA had the last tee time, at 1:42 p.m. for round 1 (2525 yards) which went pretty well, AA and Daddy Caddie said there were a few strokes that kept her from a good score. With a 44 (+8), she is in first place going into Round 2. Round 2: Her tee time is shared with Leah Shatley (+10) and Alexa Fallis (+17). Another sunny day with a few afternoon clouds. AA went +6 today, which earned her first place. She did well, with a birdie on hole 4 (Par 4)!! She did not par the two Par 3 holes - which is a goal of hers, with the long distances, the Par 3's are what she most usually can achieve, she did drive into the water on hole 8. If she was playing with the Foundation Boys, she would have tied for 3rd place (tied for 4th place on Round 1; Round 2 would have been 2nd place). A good win for our sweet golfer!
{I was going to go watch her play near the end of her round but Ginger has diarrhea so cannot put her in the crate. We are also missing Livi's 11th birthday party at Marsha's home. Hopefully we will make it up to Livi on Tuesday when we bring dinner and cake to their home}.
Photos are from Round 2 - Sunday:

AA did well by scoring lower on the second day (that is the goal of every golfer) and she posted the next to lowest/best score on Sunday, Round 2 (Matthew scored a 41, AA was 42, both from red tees). Mr. Glenn presenting the trophy to AA! {the girls trophies were not available so she is holding a boys' trophy for show}
Alexa placed 3rd and Leah placed 2nd:

From the NFJG Photos:
{insert news from Jack's tournament recap}

That wraps up the Spring season at NFJG!
Just some added verbiage about these Junior tournaments - AA plays in the nine hole Foundation group and will not move up to the 13 - 18 age group until she is most likely 12:
Players from all Tours will compete in their respective age and gender division. Age divisions are typically Boys 10-12, Boys 13–15, Boys 16–18 and a Girls Division. The Girls Division is typically one division, but could change if entries are such to warrant two separate age groups. The 9-hole Foundation TOUR is also invited to play in these events on a space available bases. Players from the Foundation TOUR may opt to play in the 36-hole age group with the approval of the Executive Director.
The Junior Player’s Tour will also allow you to earn exemptions to the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and Florida Junior Tour (FJT). The FJT STEP program was designed to forge an easier pathway through the various levels of junior golf. This program is a strong reason to support the NFJG Junior Player’s Tour as they are local events and played on some of the best courses in the North Florida area.Exemptions may be earned by the Boys 16-18, Boys 13-15 and Girls 13-18 Division.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekly News April 17 - 22nd

Our week began on our usual routine, school then Robotics Club after school. I made a ham and potato soup that was fine, it had flavor but was too much "potato". If you really like potato soup, this was good, heavy and creamy; just maybe too much of a good thing for us.
Tuesday, AA went to her piano lesson, now at 3:30 p.m. and then to a practice round at the St. Johns Golf Course (SJGC - Elkton - near CR207 and I95). 
Wednesday, AA played a round with Senior High Lauren. She played her best with a 37 on the back nine!! With longer drives and her usual good short game, she is having more success! We then jumped in the pool before at hour long visit at the River House and then dinner time.
Thursday, while playing nine holes with Ms. Penny, AA had two drives over 180 yards and a score of 41. Yahoo! She went to her PGA Jr Team practice and ate the tuna salad at Talons for dinner. I actually went so have a few photos - Four girls on this team - all at the driving range:

Boys and girls, both did the balancing exercise:
Friday, we are watching the puppy Ginger as she has diarrhea (again), second day. So not going anywhere for me! AA and Daddy Caddie took in a second round at SJGC, lots of practice every week! I made a new shrimp and snow pea stir-fry with rice. It was pretty good, just need to up the spice factor. And I usually take Ginger on two walks, a short one and a longer one along the river.
She really likes her short hair cut, much cooler and we don't have to brush as much (which seemed like torture to her!).
Saturday (today) is AA's two day NFJG Titleist Tournament at the St. Johns Golf Course. Several new girls are playing so hope AA has two amazing rounds! I made a HUGE pan of lasagna this morning, haven't done that in awhile. I love that I am growing parsley, basil, rosemary and sage. Fresh herbs in my yard. We will probably have to freeze most of the lasagna after making several meals of it this weekend.
Homemade sauce with meat and tons of vegetables, I used the Ree Drummond/Pioneer Woman recipe for her vegetable lasagna and added one pound of mixed ground beef, turkey and Italian sausage (omitted the summer squash):
Home grown tomatoes to enjoy! AA picks them and eats for snacks or, as in today, with her lunch that she is eating on the way to the golf course.
The weather is nice, partly cloudy and warm - hoping for a successful tournament this weekend!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday!

AA's Easter basket included marshmallow eggs, peeps, some chocolate crisp bunnies, a larger Snickers bunny and the movie Moana. Also, the Easter bunny hid eggs that had one of her favorite candies in them, mini-tootsie rolls. She also opened a card from her Nana Ann of the North with another $2 bill in it (we are going to send AA off to college with hundreds of these bills from her Nana!!). We headed to the early church service at OPUMC and then Hubby-Daddy made us breakfast.

For the afternoon, we headed to an Easter afternoon that Leaa and Jesse hosted. Some beach time. Some good food! Cathy and Werner bought me a birthday cake, card and wine! Sweet of them!!
Carrot cake - dense, moist, sweet and YUMMY!
Walking to beach - Leaa, Jesse, Stuart, Christa drove and parked where we cross A1A. Dylan and neighbor friends Lily and John were walking in front of us (Mom is Abbey).
Leaa and Christa:
 Christa, Stuart and Alyson {me!}:
AA's writing in the sand, her legs are really dark as I was experimenting with getting the writing to have more contrast, still need to work on this one!
Looking into the sun, so lots of squinting:
I asked them to "fight" over the stick they used to write in the sand - trying for a fun pose, didn't get one this time.
AA writing in the sand:
Hubby and Werner stayed at the house and watched golf and chatted. I sent a message to Ford in the sand:
The girls wrote their names and birth dates in the sand; I turned one of Livi into a "sketch", trying out the new photo editing program - FastStone Image Viewer. I was trying to make the words in the sand more visible.
It was a good visit including Stuart and Christa; missing Justin and Kilee, also Nicole and family. AA had a good time, which was great considering we don't go to the beach very often. Next up is Livi's birthday party at her Mimi and Carl's home.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

NFJG University of Florida Tournament (Part 2 Saturday the 15th)

AA played with three other girls, Katelyn H. (Gainesville), Molly D. (Valdosta, GA) And Candace J (Keystone Heights) on Saturday April 15th at the University of Florida Golf course, Mark Bostic Golf Course. She placed second for a couple of reasons, mainly from using a  new ball (watch the YouTube video from Coach Kathy G. Nyman - aka Rain Girl). AA's drives were longer, specifically three holes but didn't realize that her chipping would be changed too. So throughout the tournament she was going longer on her chips, didn't realize until afterwards that it was the new ball, so she took some extra strokes during her short game. Also, on the 9th hole (last), she hit into a long, narrow bunker that she could not see, so didn't know to avoid. Oh well. Everytime something changes with her equipment, balls, the golf course itself is different every time (and she didn't get a practice round in as this one was too far away). She did fine and would probably win if she got a second round tomorrow. It happens! All good, as now they can practice with more knowledge going forward.

The four players, AA is always the smallest.
Second place - missed getting a cool gator trophy.
 Our champion golfer! Her sweetest smile!
From Jack's Newsletter:
In the Girls Foundation four players would battle it out and Katelyn Huber would flex a little muscle as she outscored nine times a Champion Alyzabeth Morgan by just two strokes. Huber would shoot a nicely done 43 and Morgan a 45.
Three pars and a birdie at the par-38th hole would be plenty to get the job
done and earn the Foundation Gator Award. Alyzabeth Morgan would win the Silver Medal and Candance Jackson playing in her first event would win the Bronze medal shooting a fine score of 49.

And, as I mentioned previously, she was able to make the very end of Jane's birthday party.
It was a beautiful day, close to 80 degrees. I stayed home with the puppy again, making potato salad for tomorrow's family hang at Leaa and Jesse's. We attended a fund-raiser earlier in April and won a homemade dessert. We ordered it for this weekend, a carrot cake to take to Leaa's. The talented lady, JoAnn, delivered it and what a beautiful cake! She was going to make a smaller round cake and 12 cupcakes, but this cake is HUGE! Can't wait to try it out on Easter Sunday.
 Happy Easter!

No April Showers! Week of April 10 - 15th (Saturaday Part 1)

We have had a very dry week, with no rain predicted for another week. This will make our Easter beach day at Leaa's very nice, and for all the local Easter egg hunts.
The week was typical with AA's Chinese lesson and robotics on Monday. Tuesday, she had the first day of the 4th grade State standardized testing and her piano lesson with Jesse. Then they raced back to Eagle Harbor for her PGA Junior Team practice. Busy day! Wednesday, Ford and AA practiced golf and then we headed to the River House where AA played with Liam (his Dad Shane plays music and Mom Alison was there too).

Thursday, my Mom sent me 20 mini-Whoopie Pies from Maine! Yummy, I ate one right away!
Friday, AA had her golf lesson with Coach Kathy and they tried a new ball the ProV1X, seems to go further and better control going into the wind, Kathy posted a YouTube video of her drives. And worked on her swing and completing past her "pocket".
Then AA and Daddy picked up Liam Myers to go to the practice range at Eagle Harbor. They spent two hours hitting balls and putting. He has an older brother who played in some US Kids Golf tournaments back in 2012. After a snack in Talons, and dropping him home, they went to the grocery store to pick up hamburger and buns for dinner.
As it was my birthday, Carolyn came over and we enjoyed Ford's BURNT burgers (huge flare-up on grill!!) and salad. I baked a blueberry pie for our birthday cake.
Vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top! We enjoyed having Carolyn with us!
I opened my gifts of Starbucks gift cards from my Mom and Carolyn, plus three pairs of earrings from daughter Alyzabeth - all pretty shades of blue and Hubby bought me the matching Maine sea glass earrings that go with the bracelet he gifted me last year! Love them all.
(only two pairs of the blue earrings above - I am wearing one pair!)
Saturday, we enjoyed a piece of blueberry pie with pancakes before AA headed off to her NFJG UF tournament.
While they were gone to the NFJG UF Tournament, I worked around the house, made the potato salad for tomorrow's family dinner at Leaa's and stained the plant stand my Dad made me years ago. It was looking rough as I had left it alone to "weather". Since I am staining all our wood benches a white deck stain (water-proofing), it is now white stained.

Dad's plant stand before and after first coat of satin:

It needs a second coat. It is nice to remember Dad and all the good things he did for our family. Spring cleaning. Easter, a time for rebirth. Making this plant stand look new again, a time for new beginnings. Worth celebrating!
I read about this idea on using my citronella plant leaves in a floating candle jar for patio ambiance. Add some lemon or lime rinds and you have a pretty candle and it helps keep mosquito away. (I gave CR a citronella plant for her birthday)
After the golf tournament, AA stopped by friend Jane's birthday party, with a Harry Potter theme. Glad she got to go even if for only 30 minutes! Saturday is DONE!!