Tuesday, July 25, 2017

North Carolina Welcome Center - AA and Melissa (07/25/17)

Fun photos at the North Carolina Welcome Center!


Cute photos!

Good-Bye Maine: Driving South with Melissa

Monday: We left Maine with lots of hugs and tears, always want to stay. Sister Melissa is riding back with us so lots of fun for AA!Monday, we drove through ME, NH, MA, CT, NY, NJ and stayed the night in PA. It was unbelievably cold - 56 degrees! Dreary day! No photos, didn't stay anywhere that was photo worthy! The Mexican restaurant for dinner was pretty average - borderline bad! (Chambersburg, PA). We had a decent breakfast and then drove to Front Royal (didn't stop in the Shenandoah National Park), on to Chancellorsville - Monticello. Glad we stopped there, had wanted to 20+ years ago when we toured several wineries, so this was GREAT to see Thomas Jefferson's home. We learned so much and wish we had the whole day to visit (there was a slave tour and grounds/garden tour that was included in our "home" tour ticket that we couldn't take advantage of). The original front of the Jefferson home:

Privee vent!!
Slave home and stable:
Waiting for the shuttle: from the visitor center to the home:
We then drove to Rocky Mount, NC for the night at a Residence Inn by Marriott (good happy hour!). It was great!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday - Our Last Day in Maine

Tomorrow, we are on the road back to Florida. We have had a wonderful visit. This morning was cooler (low 60's) with an easterly wind. It warmed up and was a beautiful day. First, we visited with Vicki Photos and sister Ilene, glad they made the side trip on their first full day back in Maine. A cool breeze kept us a bit chilled. We had red hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad and fruit. DHS '77 Ray Walsh and wife Carol, and their adorable daughter/puppy Stella.

Melissa and AA trying to coax Stella into the lake - couldn't do it!
Mel giving AA her last Sea-Doo ride:
Last ice cream for us!
Glad to be at my Maine home, will be sad to head south tomorrow! Thanks to my Mom and sister Melissa for the overnight lakefront accommodations and food! Many gifts from Aunti Jean, Aunt Patti, Terri and George, cousin Mike!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday - Family Lakeside!

July 22nd, enjoyed visiting with Aunti Jean, Andrew, Britney, Matt, Ashley.
We started up the new 9.9 hp we bought four years ago, it started right up. An old fashion boat ride! (with Hubby/Daddy being goofy).

We have a similar photo from July 2013:
More cute pictures of Chloe:
MeMe, Andrew and Chloe - 3 Generations with Britney.
Adding Mom, 4 Generations:
Chloe is so adorable!
 Alyzabeth joined the group:
Mom took these; adding Ford and me! 

 We were hoping to see Hilary again, but a summer cold, asthma and mowing her lawn has kept her home. We must plan another hike and maybe ocean kayaking for our next visit!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Golfing Match - Mary and AA

Mary met my hubby and AA over a nine-hole match. It was a good practice round with a breeze and plenty of sunshine! Perfect summer day! Big thank you Mary for driving up to our course and listening to me chat while she tried to play; I did learn that she has a younger sister who has adopted four children (Korea, Philippines and China).
After completed Hole 10 (first hole on back nine):

Always the backside:
Finished! Played the back nine, finished on Hole 18.
AA took this photo:
Glad to meet up with Mary Ranaghan Latini (from DHS '76).

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20th - Back to LSL and Patti's Ring!

After arriving home to LSL, Ford and AA played nine holes, then we did some swimming. I was searching for clams and found a sterling ring that turned out to be Aunt Patti's she had lost in the lake. Lucky find!

Here's proof that Ford does get on the paddleboard! After AA golfed with her Caddie-Daddy (first time in a week!!), we all jumped in the lake! #LSL

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

More of Maine Coastline

Before heading out of Acadia, we visited cousin Mike at his home in Sullivan. He has a large home on an even larger sandy beach. He tapped many maple trees and made maple syrup last year and gave us a jar - can't wait to try it - yummy!

We decided to drive through Castine and see the sights; then on to Camden for the afternoon and overnight. First we stopped at Bagaduce for lunch and watched kayaks and families actually in the river - whitewater! I had the fried haddock basket which was delicious and good value, huge piece of fish.
Walking at Castine waterfront. The MMA boat was not at the dock.
At the Dice Head Light house (in private ownership), walking in the backyard path, then down some steep stairs to the rocky shore. It was fun to walk (must have walking shoes/sturdy) and you can spend time on the rocks, nice views.
Drove to Camden and checked into our hotel. Was surprised to see this waterfall right in downtown, at the waterfront.
Camden waterfront.
We enjoyed a drink at the Sea Dog Brewery, they have multi-level decks over looking the water frontage.
The motel has gardens planted in every square inch of dirt around the property. Amazing, plentiful gardens. We went to Camden State Park ($9 non-residents) in the morning/Thursday and explored the top of Mount Battie (plus picked a cup of wild blueberries).
We drove south to see Wiscassett, ate lunch at the Sea Basket (won't go there again) and then home!