Monday, May 29, 2017

Remembering Memorial Day - Family Day at Leaa and Jesse's

The family met up for a day together, lunch and most of us spent time on the beach. First we enjoyed a huge lunch of fried chicken, potato salad, fruit, macaroni and cheese, tossed salad, BBQ beans and desserts of cookies, brownies and key lime pie. Lots of food and drinks! We all headed to the beach, while Werner, Ford, Justin and Joy stayed in the air conditioning (Justin walked over a little later to the beach). Cathy, Marsha, Carl, Christa and Stu, Leaa and Jesse, Jordan and Nicole plus all the kids enjoyed a cool breeze and the ocean water and waves. It was a record hot day, so the ocean water temperature provided a slightly cool breeze. With the low tide, there was plenty of beach room for everyone. Mila holding the road crossing safety flag tall! 
Enjoying the walk to the Treasure Beach boardwalk:
Jordan packed the wagon!
Leaa and her Mom:
We all had a nice family visit with Nana Joy, thank you to all who brought food, plus Justin's homemade pickles - he grew the cucumbers and canned the pickles! Text Messages:
What a wonderful day with everyone. Great to see Joy. She's an awesome lady. Thanks to Leaa and Jess for everything and a great place for us all to get together. Thank everyone for the treats and tasty food. Loved seeing all the kids. Have a great summer ahead. See you all soon. 
Love, Cathy and Werner 
From Marsha: It was good to see everyone. Good food good friends and family. We are blessed. Thanks for hosting this gathering Leaa and Jesse! Glad we got to see Joy!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

NFJG Orange Park Open - At Fleming Island Golf Course

AA played in the two day NFJG event "The Orange Park Open" at the Fleming Island Golf course; with only one other girl, a first timer, Greyson Kindig, age 12, from St. Augustine (near route 206).
AA played the front nine with Ms. Penny and scored a 39 on Friday. Saturday, round 1, came and she scored a 45 with a first hole double bogey. Day two, was just as hot and Nana Joy and I walked it to watch our favorite junior golfer. AA had a wonderful round, tied with the lowest score of the day for the Foundation Group - Tyler Mawhinney also had a 37 for round 2.

Walking with her Daddy Caddie:
Scoring table with Jody:
Group photo of Foundation Boys and Girls with United We Stand Flag, local charity to support First Responders of 911:
Foundation Boys - Winner Tyler!
Mr. Glenn announcing the winners:
Pointing to low round of the day!
After the golfing, we headed home and jumped in the pool. It was a bit crowded so headed back to the house and Carolyn arrived with our dinner of pizza and salad!
Carolyn and AA back from the pool!
Sunday is done!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Finally Rain! Plus Golfing and Nana!

We finally had enough rain to soak into the ground from Monday through Wednesday evening.

Needed the rain!
AA played golf with Lauren Waidner, Lauren Miller and Sara May on Thursday.
I borrowed this photo from Kilee's Mom Kelly; Grand #1 Kilee earned AB Honor Roll all year!
With school nearing to an end, we have our teacher year-end gifts.
A DQ gift card with a saying about being a "COOL" teacher, a mint herb plant with how much the teacher "MINT" to AA and a gift card; and last, to her AMAZING 4th Grade teacher, Mrs. Rainer, an amazon gift card.
Nana Joy arrived Friday afternoon, we baked dinner (chicken and potatoes) and stopped in the River House for a drink. Next up is the Memorial Day weekend and AA's two-day NFJG Tournament.

Monday, May 22, 2017

SJRPP Retiree Social - Monday May 22nd

Occasionally, we invite our (Ford's and mine) SJRPP retiree group to socialize at the River House.
We enjoy seeing each other as we do not attend the weekly Thursday lunch retiree meet-up (on the Northside of Jacksonville). Good seeing Bill, Harold and Belinda, Larry Gochnour and Kerri, Tim Drury and daughter Sydney, Alan Page and my hubby Ford!

Always a good time with these folks!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Team Scramble Win!

The weekend when by quickly, with the WPOA Annual Meeting on Saturday (we provided the hotdog cooker and hotdogs), then a swim closer to dinner time (made a shrimp, lemon, garlic and stir-fry zucchini, fresh corn and arugula over linguini - pretty good!).
On Sunday, AA played with her Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. Team at Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra. It does't count as an official match, so everyone was a little more relaxed. EH Team Blue won, so AA said it would have been good if it counted!

The team along with Coach Bryan's son Nate (he played with AA):
And a few odd photos of Ginger to add from the weekend. Ginger is growing, so now she can drink from the middle bowl on the fountain!
AA loves to cuddle with her puppy!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

This is Profound.....

I post too much on Facebook; too often and too many people ("friends") read it. So here on our little obscure blog, sometimes I share something that I want to keep, to read again. To understand.

Roughly 41,149 Americans committed suicide in 2013 — making it the 10th leading cause of death in the country, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

From Rich Larson: It's Not What You Think - On the death of Chris Cornell.

"If it’s allowed to fester, depression is stronger than wisdom. Depression is insidious and tenacious. Depression can get to anybody. It can make you feel like an old man at 27. It can make you feel lost as a child at 52."

You can read the entire story here:

Friday, May 19, 2017

May is Winding Down (and school too).

You can tell when school is nearing the end - field trips, fun days at the school, end of year parties! I think there are 12 school days left! AA continues to earn high marks - all A's again.
AA's week has changed a bit, now on days she doesn't golf, we jump in the pool. She has not had a #NFJG tournament in two weeks, very strange for us; next one is at Fleming Island GC. Here's an accounting of our fun this past week.
Tuesday - AA went to her piano lesson with Jesse, her next song she is practicing is her favorite Christmas hymn, Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Then she went to her EH PGA Jr. Team practice. I had the monthly WPOA Board meeting.
Wednesday - AA golfed with Lauren, then we headed to the River House with cousin Carolyn and Kayla. It was good getting to know Kayla better, didn't realize she has been visiting every year for 10 years! She's all grown up! We took a "picnic dinner" of chicken salad sliders and pimento cheese sliders, along with caprese on a skewer, chips, popcorn. We had music and great weather.

AA getting in some fun!
Too many of AA being goofy!
The "serious pose".

Thursday - AA had her semi-annual dentist appointment with good results. Her 12-year molars are coming in, and no cavities! She will need braces and he wants to wait until her 12-year old molars are completely in. Then AA went to her PGA Jr. Team practice and we all ate Talon's Ahi Tuna salad - so good!!
Friday - AA golfed with Penny, it is getting hot in the low 90's this week, so back to hydrating and fruit snacks while she plays. They played the Fleming Island Golf Course as the Eagle Harbor was busy with a members only tournament. They were running late finishing, so instead of cooking, they brought home a Santioni's pizza (local on Fleming Island/Highway 17).
Next up on the agenda is Chinese lesson on Saturday morning then we will attend (I participate as Board Secretary) the WPOA Annual Member Meeting and have a lunch social afterwards.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day! And Lots of GOLF!

Happy Mother's Day to the wonderful women in our family! Too many to name! My day began with sleepy sweet daughter giving me a hug on her way to the bathroom! She actually remembered the minute she woke up, so adorable! Hubby made us a yummy breakfast of eggs, grits, bacon, fruit and coffee. I am spoiled!
AA's school works with Publix to have cakes for Mother's Day. AA decorated mine with lots of sprinkles.

AA selected some pepper plants we have been wanting, a mum plant, gift card to Metro Diner plus a balloon and cards!

We enjoyed another day of golf with The Players Championship in town. It is a wonderful tournament to see up close many PGA golfers and other celebrities. We enjoyed going on Tuesday and then Kevin Tyler gifted us with his Sunday daily tickets and parking spot! We could not take the camera so only a few snaps from our phone.
Watching Phil on 18th:
Spoke to the Tesioro's (Kelly, Don, Trey and Marie). Trey carried a sign and had just finished walking the 18 holes. Also, ran into a family from OPE and Greg Quick from JEA.
We all wore pink!
Rickie crossing over to 11th hole:
The #EagleUp experience was good, not crowded, I don't think anyone really knew what it was (a simulator to try for an eagle).
My wonderful Hubby and youngest!
Arriving at the tournament, I received a Mother's Day pin and leaving the tournament, we got complimentary golf balls (I also could not take my beer outside the gate - haha - thought I could walk around with a drink in hand like the good'ole days!!)
A wonderful Mother's Day with Hubby and sweet daughter!