Monday, October 31, 2016

Hotdog Halloween at the River House

We decided to stay close to home and celebrate Halloween at the River House with hotdogs. AA was neutral about trick or treating so we enjoyed the Weigand's company along with about 20 other members and ate hotdogs for dinner. We brought onions, chips, slaw and condiments. Kelly P. brought chili and Hugh/Maureen brought BBQ beans. Plus they brought some great candy bars for AA! 
We really enjoyed watching the old Star War movies too - seemed like we were at the theater! A gorgeous day - 80 degrees!

Star Wars!!
All the fixins! Ford's famous Craig's List hotdog cooker.
AA, Jane and her brother Dax:
Couldn't decide which photo I liked best:
We enjoy doing this and were surprised that the "house" bought us a wine each and bar-friend Steve did too! Love our glass of red wine to relax with. Happy Halloween!

Ginger's First Bath!

She smells a lot better now!! We have had her for five weeks and she needed a bath! Soon, we will have a groomer lined up for regular grooming.

Happy Halloween!

I did a little Halloween decorating this year, not much, but made up a cute table and baked a round brownie to decorate. A little buttercream frosting, colored orange and ghoulish red gel. Ford made chili and I made a new recipe for corn bread muffins. All turned out great.

Pumpkin carving was non-existent in this home! I cut out our house letters with duct tape and spray painted my pumpkin. AA painted her's with a face, white paint and some green leaves on top by the stem.
Completed pumpkin:

When we walk Ginger around the neighborhood, there are a few citrus trees in the common areas. AA gets her vitamin C right from a tangelo tree. Plus, many limes for our ice water and tea.
My attempt at decorating:
At OPE, the principal leads the parade, then the kindergarten kids are next - they all dress as scarecrows:
OPHS drummers:
AA in her Bluestar (gray cat) costume - from the Erin Hunter series, Warriors. Connor Williams is next to her.
The wait, with teacher Mrs. Rainer:
The OPHS Drummers lead the parade, makes for lots of noise and fun!
Still waiting as each lower grade goes by:
Lots of neat costumes:
Noah W in a Jedi costume:
Until next Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week of October 24th - Khan Club and Golfing

On Monday, AA attended her first Khan Academy Club after school at OPE. Mrs. Doty created this club for any 4th grader who wanted to learn more about resources on line and do more math. We were pleased when we mentioned it to AA, that she jumped on and said yes! Afterwards, she and Daddy Ford went out and played nine holes, not to keep score this time, but to practice some swings she needed to use in this past Sunday's tournament. Always something to learn in golf!
So we have had to juggle/change horse riding lessons for this month as Monday's was her riding day. In November, she will go an hour later and be able to stay longer to make up for some missed time.

The Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Team continues to practice on Tuesday's and Thursday's while I stay home with the puppy. She's a hand full! The weather is perfect, reaching about 80 degrees and the lows in the 60's. We also get on our bikes now, the breeze is nice. Perfect outdoor weather with low to medium humidity. When I work in the yard - still picking up from the hurricane, I do work up a sweat in short order, mostly due to the humidity. I am sure cooler weather is on the way.
Friday, AA had her monthly lesson with Anne Cain, worked with her driver and 3-wood, keeping her swing plane flat.

AA did well in her two day NFJG tournament at the King and Bear. This is the longest yardage that the Foundation group plays (2700+). We looked up the Girls High School State golf tournament that is this week, and they play the same distance. So now I understand why it challenges AA! She kept up with the other four boys who were either 11 or 12 years old and the one her age (4th grade) weighs at least 20 pounds more than she does (Phillip has moved up to the 10 - 12 boys - the "elite" boys Foundation section). Jack and Kevin giving out the awards:

 AA, Cole and Richard:
AA was pleased to be playing in the last group - she did well and tried to move up to 2nd place. We need to have a few practice rounds at this course before playing again!
Lunch provided by NFJG!! Yummy burgers - they are always good at this cafe and over at the Slammer and Squire (WGV).
We have been watching the Jaguars have another losing season, the Cubs in the World series and we watched the Florida-Georgia game this weekend - Florida won!! Lots of football!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

NFJG - Amelia Island - Oak Marsh Sunday 10/23/16

The first NFJG Tournament was cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew, so Oak Marsh began the first one of the 2016 - 2017 Season. AA was once again the only Foundation Girl, so played with the boys.
From Jack's newsletter:

This week The Foundation Division would be consolidated with three boys and one girl in the field.  Rumor has the Foundation TOUR will grow in the coming months as the US Kids Players

advance up the tournament ranks.  Richard Hayden Ruth was all smiles as he sported a nice 43 with a birdie at the 4th hole. Alyzabeth Morgan, last season Player of the Year would fire a very nice 48 to take the Runner up spot while newcomer Anderson Palm would become a first time award winner finishing in the Third spot earning his first NFJG TOUR Medal.

 2nd Place:
 Also, it was all about Phillip Dunham who is beyond his 8 years - From Jack's newsletter: At 10:00 am the first group would be announced to the tee and the Boys 10-12 Division lead by Sam Davis would be selected as this year’s opening player. Hitting the tee after Davis would be TOUR veterans Jack Hardy and Cam Goldknopf. All three hit the fairway running and in confidence. Because of his outstanding skill level eight year old Phillip Dunham who won 17 times on the NFJG TOUR in the previous season would advance to the Boys 10-12 Division. He would once again continue his trend of winning as he would shoot the low round of the day, a three over par 75 to claim the championship in the Boys 10-12 Division, followed by Sam Davis and Andrew Davis. Dunham would also be the tournament overall winner.

Ford ordered a burger for A to eat on the way home - she enjoyed every bite!! (I stayed home with Ginger, it would have been too long for her to be in her crate).

Next up is the King and Bear!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ginger and Pumpkins

Ginger watches AA every second of the day that they are together!

Watching AA practice her swings outside:
Walking to the pumpkin patch - OPUMC:
Selecting pumpkins:
AA's thank you notes are finally done! All 26 of them! We just received her 4th grade school photo - not too bad!

Catholic Church Fall Festival - Kingsley Ave. 10/22/16

Saturday, we met up with the William's family (Connor and older sister Courtney) at the local catholic church fair. The rides were just wild enough for our kids and the food and games - all great! AA had a really good time!

Hang Ten ride was worth riding twice!
Ferris wheel:
This was a fun ride - they rode it twice, once in the back row and the second time, in the front row:
Front row:
Hang Ten again:
They played many games (saw Dave Stanley and wife) and did a cake walk; all fun!!