Monday, April 25, 2016

Here and There - April 2016

Last Monday, (04/18/16), AA was trotting her horse, having more fun at her lessons:

Pam and I at the Wednesday evening Fleming Island ABC Tasting Extravaganza 04/20/16.
We took a couple of selfies; Pam said we can do better when we looked at them, but didn't take the time to retry! This was the best one I think.
Friday was a huge rain/thunderstorm beginning about 5:00 p.m. AA and Ford were run off the golf course, so we stayed home and ate homemade taco soup I had fixed for the weekend. The Club Continental Opening Day Pool Party was postponed until Sunday afternoon.
AA played in the NFJG Titleist Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, and with an early tee time, she was able to attend Jane and Dax's birthday party (corner of Stiles and River Road). Ford took her while I headed to Leaa's clothes party.
Saturday evening, Carolyn and I drove to Leaa's home for a "clothes shopping" party. Lots of stretchy skirts, tunics, dresses and leggings to try on from LuLaRoe hosted by Colie Alred. We had fun snacking and drinking while seeing how our "butts" fit into these skin hugging clothes! We all found something we liked, I bought a pair for Alyzabeth and Leaa bought all her Moms leggings for Mother's Day! So I selected a red bicycle pair. Very cute. Now to get me to wear them!
Sunday evening, Jesse participated in the Limelight Theater's Music in a Box series. Ford attended and it was a packed house. Lots of kids enjoying the first set, then onto more of Jesse's music.
Since Jesse's gig was late for a school night, AA and I relaxed at the pool for awhile then did our regular bedtime routine.  Jane and family were at the pool, so fun for AA. However, even the kids thought it was a bit too cold to stay in very long!
We originally declined going to Sunday's Annual River House Renewal Party as normally, AA's golf tee times have been in the afternoon. So we had planned on missing that social and dinner. Too bad. We do like going. Overall, what a fun and busy weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

NFJG Titleist Invitational at St. Johns Golf Club

Great two-day NFJG Titleist Invitational tournament with AA placing second, scoring just two strokes behind Tylar (11 years old). #AlyzabethMorganGolf 

From the NFJG website: The Titleist Invitational is a wonderful two-day event and is the last event of the NFJG TOUR Spring Series. This TRADITIONAL event will bring out all the players who desire stiff competition and will be the event to determine this year’s Series Player Of Year. 
Day 1 photos, Saturday, 04/23/16: Tylar and AA dressed almost the same.

Above: Heading to Hole #2, a bit cool, windy and very damp. It had been raining up to about 3:00 a.m. and we had the 9:08 a.m. morning tee time. But all good, sun came out a bit and warmed us up! Below: A gator was enjoying the view:
End of round 1; Hole #9 (a Par 5):
Heading to the scoring table:
Day 2 photos, Sunday, 04/24/16: Walking to the driving range with her Daddy Caddie; 7:45 a.m.
In the fairway, AA's drives were all straight!
Hole #9 - the end!
Scoring table, day 2:
AA came close in her score; just one stroke behind after day 1; then one stroke behind on day 2. Very close!
Kevin Glynn, PGA Professional, always announces the winners and presents the awards (he also does the hand drawn scoring sheets and calligraphy). They had many "door prizes" and through a random drawing, AA won a Titleist back pack.
Winners. And yes, the girl on the right is 12 years old, playing in the Foundation Girls group (12 and under age)!!
AA's scores keep very close to the older girls.
Miss Tylar - Champion:
So exciting to see AA grow in strength, height and golfing skills. Her scores are lower and her drives a little longer. All good stuff happening with her!

Friday, April 22, 2016

And She Tries to Carry her Clubs - But it is a Struggle!

I went with AA and Ford on a practice day (Thursday, 04/21/16). We enjoyed some outdoor time together at Eagle Harbor Golf Club.
I still try to duplicate the photo I have of her with the EH Swim Park in the background. Haven't been able to get one as cute as the one three years ago.
From 10/2012:
From 4/2016:
All done: AA and Daddy discuss the round.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kitchen Renovation Part 2

The final few weeks:

These last three photos are when it is 99% complete. Love our appliances (LP Black Diamond) and large sink. Very open and bright!
Now waiting for our dining room table, chairs and bar stool delivery and then selecting some chairs for the living room and sun room. Almost done! {then the 1982 upstairs bathroom needs replacing...}. Lots of smaller projects are on our list!

The Kitchen Renovation Part 1

Our cute little home has some history as the original structure was part of the barn/carriage out buildings on the Winterbourne home in the early 1870's. It was not noted in any public record until the property was sold to develop patio homes in 1980 and our home received the title of "Unit 8". We plan to research the history and find some old photos of the property.
Here's the before photos - this was all new in 1982!

Love the natural light from window and glass door. We removed an upper cabinet to open up the room as much as possible.
Selecting the design material. We left the original footprint.
Relocated the old refrigerator to the garage.
 February 29th - Demolition day!
Removing the lower cabinets revealed the original carriage barn foundation:
Appliance delivered on March 9th. Best Buy had great service.
Cabinets are white bead-board uppers, light gray lowers and new farm style sink.
Next, the appliances are installed, the counter tops, back splash and final trim pieces.