Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Week In Review - Beginning 12/05/16

12/05/16 - Monday - Horse lesson and our Christmas Tree decorating.

Received homemade gift from Nana Joy today! I had mentioned that I couldn't find any of my old aprons, so she volunteered to make me one - and sent one for AA too! Hopefully this will inspire me to get out my sewing machine (I may need private lesson getting it threaded!!). Of course, Ginger could NOT stay away from the picture taking! Thank you Cora Joyce Morgan!! They are perfect - matching our new kitchen.
Tuesday - Chinese Lesson after school and her EH PGA team practic, getting prepared for the City Championships - from 25 teams to the champion.
Wednesday - Ford took a motorcycle ride with Werner - going to Ormond Beach area, BBQ, visiting the Harley dealership then a nice beach ride home by A1A.
Wednesday after his bike ride, Ford came later to AA's EH PGA Junior Team practice, so AA ran up to him, she missed and loves her Daddy!
I made homemade lemon syrup as our neighbor bought us bags of lemons from his tree. Ford peeled them for a batch of limoncello, I used the juice to make a concentrated syrup for making lemonade or for use in cocktails as the sour mix.
Thursday - WPOA Christmas party was held at Liz Hart's home and Bobbi McDermott's. I made chocolate sheet cake and Ford made two batches of his peanut brittle.
Friday - I shopped at BJ's with Carolyn and Ginger had her first grooming. Ford took AA to her last PGA Junior Golf Team practice.
I need to take an after picture!

Saturday - Ford made more peanut brittle and then they were off to the PGA Junior Golf City Championship tournament at Slammer and Squire (WGV) golf course against Hidden Hills. Eagle Harbor WON!!
Tyler Mawhinney in center with red shirt.
Coach Bryan talking after the win!
AA's group took only one match but she was paired with inexperienced kids against the top two from Hidden Hills.
After winning the championship, a quick dinner at home then to the Eagle Harbor restaurant and golf course for the Christmas Tree Lighting.

DNA kit arrived from Mom as a gift - can't wait to find out the results and to find new relatives!
Happy 7th birthday to Dylan! Dylan's birthday party was to be a destination event but due to the cold weather, Leaa cancelled it. We were not going due to the PGA Junior Golf City Championship. We will see her next week to celebrate.
Next up is Sunday 12/11/16 - Jaguar Game and Autumn's 1st birthday.

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