Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sunday - NFL Jaguar Game, Autumn's 1st Birthday and a few Odds!

Sunday was great weather to have a football game. Warm in the sun, with high's in the 70's. The Jaguars lost to the MN Vikings, so that was not good.From Facebook: Enjoying perfect Florida football weather!! AA loved going to a game last year, we are trying to make it an annual event. Great seats section 202, great view. Only home game when AA doesn't have a golf tournament. Go JAGS!!

Heather and Chris hosted Autumn's 1st birthday party on Sunday the 4th but her birthday is the 11th.
Fall photo from their Facebook page.
Ford smoked a Boston pork butt on Monday, ate yummy pork taco's with spicy slaw.
Ford has been making MANY batches of his Peanut Brittle:
Mom sent me some more One-Pie Pumpkin!! My favorite! Maybe you remember the fiasco she went through last year sending me cans of this stuff!
Melissa sent us a Christmas gift and asked us to open it to check that it arrived in one piece. It is a lovely blue glass serving tray - made from flattening a bottle. Very cool and matches my wine glasses (E-E's glasses!).

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