Thursday, December 29, 2016

Practice Rounds at Innisbrook 12/28/16

We drove into Palm Harbor on Wednesday for AA's practice rounds - getting ready for the U.S. Kids Golf Regional called the Copperhead Classic. This is the first time she will play 18 holes - she's growing up!! All local tournaments are still 9 hole tournaments, but for 10 year old girls and 9 year old boys, they move up to 18 holes. Most organizations have kids under age 12 play 9 holes. AA will play 18 holes at Pinehurst (World's) this year too. This trip, I was able to get several happy photos!


We stayed at the Innisbrook Resort as I found a good deal on Booking dot com. We still don't have a place to stay yet and the tournament is two weeks away!! At the Belfast building, and I suspect most of the others, the suites are very dated, a bit tired and forlorn looking. But comfortable; no complaints.
Our view from the backyard is of the Island Course:
Our 2nd day (29th) we had some morning time, so explored Tarpon Springs. Very nice "Greek" town, playing up the sponge trade, lots of touristy shops and actually very good Greek restaurants.
Walking the town, hawkers on every corner trying to get us to take their particular boat ride.
Several museums with a nod to the sponge industry:
Eating lunch at Hellas, AA had the original Greek salad, Ford had the gyro and I tried something different - Pastitiso. All good!
Back to the course for round 2.
Heading to Hole #1:
They ended up playing with a man from London, Shawn, but lives in New York. The tees times were pushed back due to the heavy fog this morning. The Canadian Junior Golf Association was hosting a tournament so had to wait until they finished.
We also went to Fred Howard Park, perfect weather, great beaches. You can pay to park on the little island, or park on the mainland and bike or walk out to the island. Plenty to do with trails and kayak areas.
All fun! We will be back in two weeks!

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