Monday, December 19, 2016

NFJG Plantation Bay - Prestwick Course - Tied for 1st!

12/19/16 - Another NFJG Tournament and I stayed home with the puppy! It was exciting according to Ford - after AA shot a terrible double bogey on the 9th hole, created a tie with Tylar (she birdied).
From my Facebook post: Alyzabeth tied for first place today with 12 year old Tylar. A shootout to break the tie, they played Hole 1 over - a long Par 5 (Prestwick Course - red tee boxes). They both made par. Then did a shootout from 150 yards - they both tied. Then did a shootout from 100 yards - AA missed the putt to win, so will go down in the books as second place. Well done AA! You played your best today! #AlyzabethMorganGolf #NFJG #KidsGolf

From NFJG Newletter (Jack didn't mention the details of the shoot-out as Jody was the official during it):
The Prestwick Course at Plantation Bay was certainly a present worth unwrapping early.  I hope all who played it had as good a time and as much fun as I and my staff had watching 45 of our finest NFJG TOUR players scrap it around a course they have never seen before. What a wonderful course design. 
The NFJG TOUR was the first junior TOUR to play this course in a long-long time.  So long that the Pro-shop staff got a couple of calls from Members letting them know that some kids had snuck onto the golf course. Now that’s funny! Last year we played the Club DeBonmont Course and right after we played it the ownership redesigned the course making it a little friendlier. Next season we’ll be able to take on the challenges of the new design. Many thanks to the very professional staff at Preswick. Ulrika Smith led us flawlessly and treated us with great respect and class. To show you the character of this staff. The GM PGA Professional Greg Brousse took to the course with one of our mom’s in tow to aid and assist as needed after her son stepped on some fire ants. Pretty special! Thanks Greg!

Our Foundation Girls welcomed back Tylar Ann Whiting for a day with the TOUR. Paired with Alyzabeth Morgan and Jenna Leonard this trio would put on an exhibition that would have made news casts from all over Florida flock to the course had they known what was going on.Each of these young ladies would play steady golf with Morgan and Leonard each carding four pars on the day on this most difficult course. At the completion of eight holes Morgan would hold a three shot lead on both Leonard and Whiting and the Gold was a vision within reach, but still the difficult par-4 9th hole with water all down the right side and bunkers lined left would pose the challenge to bring it home.  An unfortunate double bogey by Morgan would open the door and both Leonard and Whiting would seize the moment. Leonard would post a par perfect four leaving her one back of Morgan, but Whiting would throw up a spectacular tweedy-bird three for birdie to catch Morgan after nine holes of play.  Sudden death was imminent and both were raring to go after the official scores were recorded.  Whiting would be the victor and Morgan would take the Runner-up, while Leonard would hold her head high with the Bronze.  Great job ladies, you all deserve Gold.

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