Saturday, December 03, 2016

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

A few photos of our Christmas tree and outside plants.  AA selected our Christmas tree this year, and in record time. She spotted it after we were looking over the first row of trees, and it stayed our favorite. It is home now with lights on it. Decorating will begin on Sunday after AA's NFJG Hidden Hills Tournament.

Taking pictures to print out and send in Christmas Cards. I have one with Kilee, now to get some with the other Grands.
Preparing the tree for our stand:
Drilling center hole:
Around the house - Christmas cactus from E-E's plants (I think from Nana's):
Citrus trees - this is the cocktail tree, the other is a navel orange. We also planted a lime tree but no fruit on it this year.
Sage plant is still doing well, the herbs and tomato plants we bought in the spring at Maggie's, are showing signs of dying, hoping they make it through the winter and reinvigorate!
Grape tomatoes:
Basil plant:
My creation at the front door:
And Ginger watches my every move!

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