Thursday, December 01, 2016

Fantastic Beasts - 2nd Time - At IMAX

AA definitely wanted to see the movie a second time, and I am glad we did! It was bigger and better on the IMAX screen. We enjoyed listening more intently to the conversations in the movie, since we were accustomed to the noise and extravagant wizardry!
The display was cute, can walk up to the suitcase and look like you are climbing in or out.

Heading in to the IMAX at WGV, St. Augustine. 
From Facebook: Skipping after school golf practice today, have that fantastic movie feeling....(2nd time!)
We still want to know what this line means....guess we will have to wait until the next movie comes out! "Will we die, just a little?" Grindelwald tells Scamander as he's hauled away.

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