Friday, December 16, 2016

Dylan's 7th Birthday!

We missed Dylan's party (on Saturday the 10th) as AA's Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Team made it to the Jacksonville City Championship game (which they won, shall I say it again!!). Thursday, we brought dinner (chili and cornbread) to their home and held a small celebration for Dylan's birthday.
We gave her some gifts (ice cream sprinkles, a book about movie Moana, a skort, some paint supplies and a Star Wars Christmas tree ornament) and brought a birthday chocolate sheet cake, peanut brittle and they made some no-bake chocolate peppermint cookies.
I took many photos to put in our Christmas cards.

Only six yellow candles - I goofed!
Really tasty cookies and they look festive. Start with a box of chocolate wafer cookies, melt some white chocolate and stir in some peppermint extract; crush some candy canes. Dip one side of the cookies and sprinkle the crushed candy cane on top, let cool/harden. Easy!
The birthday table is set.....
Making the cookies:
More photos around their Christmas tree (glad they have one up, the house still has about a month of repairs left!); and some photos outdoors while climbing in a tree/bush!
Look at their faces, this bush could not hold all three of them! Dylan and AA both came in with a bloody scratch!
Trying to smile while steadying themselves!
Another try!
All smiles again once back on firm ground!
I told them to smile normal, like nice, as Grandmother's were going to get these photos. Livi said something about not acting like Madonna or such and made everyone laugh!
That's a wrap!

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