Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Dinner at Cathy and Werner's Home

We had a wonderful time at Cathy and Werner's home, saw much of the family, including Carl and Marsha, Ian, Angie and Charles, Patty and Paul, plus our grown kids. I made an apple pie and two sweet potato casseroles to try (first time!).

Trying to take a group photo but didn't realize selfie stick wasn't working!
Lots of tries!
This was the best photo, so cropped it too.
Dylan, Mila and Avery "watered" the trees with ice cubes:
Werner, Ford and son Justin:
Sisters: Nicole, Leaa and recent 30 year old - Christa:
Cousin love: Mila (as a police officer - hand cuffs too!) and Dylan:
Lots of gift exchanging: Werner gave Ford and the other men a whittling book and wood; Cathy gave me a "word" scarf; very nice! They gave AA two tops from Justice. Plus a planter, incense, soap from JK and Kilee; Nicole gave is chalkboard stemless wine glasses and a water infuser, AA received a Harry Potter snuggle blanket. Leaa gave us an air mist-diffuser with lavender oil; AA received Gryffindor socks. Ian/Angie gave AA a pair of golf pierced earrings (to save for a later year); Marsha gave us a bottle of wine. We gave out homemade peanut brittle, homemade grapefruitcello and the grown kids got a bottle of vodka, made locally at the St. Augustine distillery, plus other little gifts and money. Merry Christmas to all!

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