Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas and Family Photos

Going to try to show what a wonderful Christmas we had. Thanks to thoughtful gifts and a great family dinner. AA woke up to Santa delivering her new WiiU LEGO Star Wars game, a new 24inch bike and new WiiU remote controllers.

We received several gifts in the mail, from Ben and son Travis - Hickory Log variety box, a blue glass serving try from Melissa, LOTS of gifts from my Mom (Consumer Report magazine, L.L.Bean evergreen centerpiece, lots of skorts and Barnes and Noble gift card for AA). Terri brought us gifts back in September visit and this gift from Bill and Joan:
Great photos of Chloe having Christmas fun!
Christmas Eve afternoon at Chris and Heather's home:
Great-Aunt M with Autumn:
Some of our gifts, plus Leaa gave us a diffuser with lavender oil and AA received Gyffindor socks. Justin and Kilee gave us a wood planter, a jack knife (Tennessee) to his Dad and AA got a t-shirt - Salt Life.
AA received a special card from Chris Clarke and MONEY$$ for an appreciation of her hard work! What a surprise!
The water infuser - I added lemons and keep in the refrig; great gift!
Chris and Heather send AA a book and we got this very good copy of a camera lens, it's a coffee thermos!
And a photo of Ginger when she actually stayed still for a second! She's 5.5 months old!

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