Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trip Home from Georgia - 2nd Stop - Sports Hall of Fame

Our second stop, after going to the Tubman Museum, was the Georgia's Sports Hall of Fame, right across the street. After that, we drove to a BBQ restaurant for lunch and then hit our last stop of Andersonville.We were the first to arrive at the morning opening of the hall of fame (10 a.m.). They were just opening up and let us all in for free! What a treat to get this place for free! There were many sections we did not go to, but stopped by the golf area, NASCAR, basketball, etc. There were many interactive stations from jump ball, a basketball court to play on, throwing a football and you could kick a field goal, plus a trivia station to play with three people. We were pretty bad at answering the questions,but it was fun!

You can announce a famous sport play - we chose a golfing one, very fun to record your announcing and hear it played back.
NASCAR - Bill Elliott:
Jump ball chart - checks how high you can jump:
Basketball court:
Throw a football:
Stand on a podium - these two argued about who placed first!
Winged Nike:
BBQ - was just average tasting, popular with locals - there's another one in town, close by, will try it next time:
On to Andersonville - Fort Sumpter.

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