Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trip Home - 1st Stop - Tubman Museum, Macon GA

After watching the Morge's basketball games the night before (Friday), we decided to see the Tubman Museum and the Georgia's Sports Hall of Fame before going to Andersonville. We did not have this place on our agenda, but Ford had recently discussed a book about H. Tubman that AA read for school, and somehow he remembered that there may be a museum nearby. So we found it and really enjoyed it. It is a beautiful museum, very interesting exhibits - like the fabric one in the main gallery. They also have a school exhibit with many diverse art projects. We also watched a video on the life of H. Tubman. The manager spoke to us and was delightful. A real gem in the town of Macon.

The museum is raising money to buy this special statue of Harriett Tubman.
These were hand created in the style of African textiles:
The artist studied this technique in Maine:
I wasn't supposed to take photos of any of the upstairs exhibits, and forgot when we saw this sculpture made from tin cans, looks like a CNY dragon!
 Next, we walked across the street to the Sports Hall of Fame.

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