Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thursday and Friday November 10th and 11th

Thursday, Ford enjoyed his first road ride with Werner. They met at the Goldhead Branch State Park, drove around the area, ate BBQ lunch then headed home. Ford is just passing the four month mark since his quadruple-bypass surgery.

I took these two photos the day after when he took a short ride to the V-Twin repair shop:
Then on Friday, we had Kaydee for breakfast and lunch so AA and she enjoyed some morning Minecraft time, then Ford took AA to her Pediatrician to check on her cough (Kaydee and I made homemade applesauce while they were gone). We thought it was from her allergies and that was confirmed. All is fine! We took them to lunch then a short time at the playground, baked a few cookies and tore into a pomegranate. We then went to the River House for BBQ sandwiches, a tradition on Veterans Day. Great weather!
Kaydee and AA having fun!
Lunch at Tijuana Flats!
Butterscotch cookies and Chocolate cookies (I had pre-made the dough and froze):
Always have Ginger under-foot!
Next is Ford's Birthday and another NFJG two-day tournament.

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