Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner at Nicole and Jordan's Home

We were thankful to Nicole and Jordan hosting the Thanksgiving dinner and combining it with Mila's 5th birthday party. They rented a bouncy house which the kids all enjoyed, even the "big" girls. Everyone brought dishes, but Nicole's family did the bulk of the dinner and set up. Wejust visited, it was great! I made pumpkin and pecan pie to take (plus some wine)!
Son Justin and his Mom, Cathy:
Mom Nicole with Avery:
About half the food:
I tried a few variations of this photo of siblings Christa, Leaa and Justin:

Mila's 5th birthday!
All smiles as Dylan steals the show with her singing:
The kids! All girls! (all cousins, except AA - she's their Aunt): Alivia, Mila, Kilee holding Avery, Dylan and AA.
Avery playing sweetly:
Avery with Grand-Daddy David Wilhelmy:
There was a big crowd there, including Jordan's brother (two other brothers Brandon/Erin and Parker were elsewhere), Trevor and wife, friends, Cathy, Werner, Christa and Stu, etc......

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