Monday, November 07, 2016

NFJG Tournament at Slammer and Squire (WGV)

AA played in the one day tournament with only boys, a total of eight; she placed 4th. With a few misses with her distance (30 - 60 yard range) and one hole score of an 8 and did not par any of the par 3' get the picture. She does have allergies that have gone to her lungs; a bit of a cough. Maybe we shouldn't have played her. Either way, a stronger showing would probably only moved up one position.

Last hole - 9th:
Hit a very short shot, didn't reach the green, as it should have.
Waiting to putt:
The end!
She out scored the two boys she played with, but between her cold, the brisk wind and whatever else is going on with her game, a 4th place finish was her best today.

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