Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nana Joy's Visit Continues - Face Painting, St. Augustine and the No Name Bar!

On Sunday, Joy and I had a quiet morning with a short trip to Walmart, while Ford played Daddy-Caddie with AA at Cimarrone Golf Course (NFJG). We then all met with Leaa and Jesse for dinner at the A1A Ale House and then walked through the downtown park/market. Leaa saw a friend doing face painting so the girls all had one put on their faces. Livi and AA chose Christmas holly, while I am not sure what Dylan's was - very green - maybe some type of monster?

Windy day and dampness kept us cooler than the temperature (high 60's).
Selecting what to have face painted:
At the park Christmas tree:
Jesse playing at the No Name Bar and Dylan joined him for a couple of songs!
Painted faces up close:
They stayed at an outside table until the wind drove them inside:
Group photo:
Christmas season is in full swing!

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