Saturday, November 19, 2016

Friday 11/18/16 - Morge Basketball Games

We had a free weekend with NO golf team events or NFJG Tournaments, so looked up niece Madison and nephew Michael Aaron's basketball schedule. They both play on their private Christian school middle school team and both step up to the varsity team and get some play time there too. We enjoyed watching them play, watching their dad Michael coach and of course, visiting with sister Mia (AA's Aunt). It was a five hour drive to Griffin and well worth it. We also planned for some museum visiting and going to a national park (free for all fourth graders and their families) the next day on our way home. MA #11:

Madison #23 (6th grade):
Madison and her mom Mia:
Coach Daddy - Michael:

More action:
Warming up for the varsity game:
Madison playing varsity - she made 8 points!
Above: A family photo after their first basketball game of the season (the night before).

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