Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Early November 2016

Catching up on a week of not much news! AA continues to do well in school, the interim reports came out and she had all A's again (all 100%'s plus one 97%). She has to find innovative ways to learn her spelling work so twice we have let her use whipping cream (or Cool Whip). Of course, we all have to sample it too!

Above and below photos: 11/05/2016 Tyler putting at the Eagle Harbor PGA Jr. team event against Deercreek. I haven't been to any tournaments since we have the puppy - Ginger needs attention and we don't want to leave her in a crate more than 3 - 4 hours, which doesn't cover the golf tournament time and travel time.
The EH Central Team:
Goofing off afterwards - EH  won, Deercreek didn't field a full team, so an easy win.
With the weather so gorgeous - cooler, but 70's, we are enjoying this BEST time of year at the River House!
Golf practice at EH with her mirror:
11/04/2016 Ford needed some repairs to his bike; here's the message he put on Facebook:
Not a rant. Just sharing.
Visited my local Harley dealer to schedule some service on the bike. Not happening. Refused to service the Softail. Too old. So Harley doesn't service a Harley. Got it.
Made my way over to V-Twin Station less than a half mile away.
Bottom line. Paid less than half what the dealership would have charged and got same day turnaround. They enjoy working older bikes. I'm a new, happy and satisfied customer. Still hard to believe Harley turned me away. Business must be good I guess. Count me gone..

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