Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gingerbread Houses - OPE - 4th Grade - Spain Windmill

AA's elementary school (OPE) built gingerbread houses to represent each country they are studying. These houses have been entered in the Jacksonville Historical Society contest/display.

I had to research windmills in Spain: On this route you'll discover one of the most famous areas in Spain thanks to literature: La Mancha. The route runs near the city of Toledo and is the setting for the adventures of Don Quixote, the character brought to life by Miguel de Cervantes. Along the way, you'll see wide open plains and small mountain ranges with one of the region's symbols: the windmills of La Mancha.
Photos from OPE (maybe we need to go to the historical society and see all of them!):

Kindergarten did USA - Florida Beach Shack!
4th Grade - Spain Windmill:

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nana Joy's Visit Continues - Face Painting, St. Augustine and the No Name Bar!

On Sunday, Joy and I had a quiet morning with a short trip to Walmart, while Ford played Daddy-Caddie with AA at Cimarrone Golf Course (NFJG). We then all met with Leaa and Jesse for dinner at the A1A Ale House and then walked through the downtown park/market. Leaa saw a friend doing face painting so the girls all had one put on their faces. Livi and AA chose Christmas holly, while I am not sure what Dylan's was - very green - maybe some type of monster?

Windy day and dampness kept us cooler than the temperature (high 60's).
Selecting what to have face painted:
At the park Christmas tree:
Jesse playing at the No Name Bar and Dylan joined him for a couple of songs!
Painted faces up close:
They stayed at an outside table until the wind drove them inside:
Group photo:
Christmas season is in full swing!

NFJG Cimarrone Golf Tournament - 2nd Place!

AA played with five Foundation Boys and placed 2nd! Nana Joy and I stayed home to keep the dog, it would be over ten hours in her crate if we went and then went over to St. Augustine. I missed another tournament!! 
Phillip Dunham continues to play up in the Boys 10 - 12 and self-caddies! He placed a great 3rd!  And good job to Alyzabeth for playing with five boys!!

From Executive Director Jack Aschenbach:
This past Sunday many of our NFJG TOUR Family and Friends gathered on State Road 210 at the Cimarrone Golf Club for the “Cimarrone Open”. Forty-seven players in all teed it up. 
 Our Sunday morning started out cool and calm, but it didn’t take long for the northern winds to kick in making the course a little longer and tougher than it already was. With the winds blowing from 15-20 mph it made the temps a little cooler and the ball flights harder to control as well, but the added elements weren't going to deter most who played.
Our Foundation would again find the Boys and Girls teeing it up and I have to admit, I’m liking this concept.  The camaraderie is awesome and the division is growing steadily. Richard Hayden Ruth (40) would be a happy camper when he walked off the final hole, as he would cap off a six stroke victory over Runner-up Alyzabeth Morgan (46). Ruth would birdie the sixth and avoid all the high numbers. Matthew French from Orange Park would be all smiles as well as he claimed the Bronze medal. This would be Morgan’s fourth medal of the Fall Tournament Series.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Justin and Kilee's Visit to See Nana Joy

I took advantage of Kilee's visit to take some photos, hopefully worthy of Christmas card giving. A few were really good! I had them both pose with Ginger, the girls had fun trying to get the dog to look at the camera.

On the screen porch - trying to look like Christmas!
Now to get all the family together for a photo!

Nana Joy's Visit - 11/25/16

We cooked a second turkey dinner for Nana Joy and cousin Carolyn. It's great to have some cooking going on in our little home. I didn't take any photos, we had roast turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, fresh corn and Carolyn's yams. I made a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie. Didn't make the apple pie, so will do that in a week or so when we are not so stuffed!
We went to the RAM on Saturday morning, then Moon River Pizza for lunch, then Justin and Kilee came for a visit. A beautiful day, about 74 degrees outside! Nice and sunny. We bought some eggs, olives, peppers and dog treats during this visit!

Listening to great music:
Ford and AA went to ask about two dogs we saw at RAM, they were both labradoodles, the short one was from a mini-Labrador. Both were so calm and well behaved, the Owners said that was their normal personality! We have a mutt that jumps like a kangaroo, prances like a reindeer and looks like an orangutan!! High energy!
 Justin with his Dad and Nana!

Friday, November 25, 2016

A little of This and a Little of That - November 2016

We sometimes have a glass of wine at the River House while our dinner cooks at home. Great place to relax and see some old friends.

We went to the Club Continental for Prime Rib night (Tuesday, 11/22/16), a last treat for Ford's birthday.
High School friend, Mary Ranaghan Latini asked if AA likes LPGA posters. We said yes, and she sent AA four signed/autographed posters!!  Need to buy some frames!

Aunt Patti Caton sent this gift to AA as a reward for her great school grades!
The night before Thanksgiving, Ford made us a homemade pizza after we visited at the River House with Cathy Rangeo (who is undergoing chemo treatments right now). During the day, AA played 18 holes at Eagle Harbor - from the ladies/red tees and scored an 86. Good job!!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner at Nicole and Jordan's Home

We were thankful to Nicole and Jordan hosting the Thanksgiving dinner and combining it with Mila's 5th birthday party. They rented a bouncy house which the kids all enjoyed, even the "big" girls. Everyone brought dishes, but Nicole's family did the bulk of the dinner and set up. Wejust visited, it was great! I made pumpkin and pecan pie to take (plus some wine)!
Son Justin and his Mom, Cathy:
Mom Nicole with Avery:
About half the food:
I tried a few variations of this photo of siblings Christa, Leaa and Justin:

Mila's 5th birthday!
All smiles as Dylan steals the show with her singing:
The kids! All girls! (all cousins, except AA - she's their Aunt): Alivia, Mila, Kilee holding Avery, Dylan and AA.
Avery playing sweetly:
Avery with Grand-Daddy David Wilhelmy:
There was a big crowd there, including Jordan's brother (two other brothers Brandon/Erin and Parker were elsewhere), Trevor and wife, friends, Cathy, Werner, Christa and Stu, etc......

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sunday - Movie - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Sunday 11/20/16 - 5:05 p.m. - AA was looking forward to seeing the new Harry Potter themed movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We loved the movie, so amazing again, equaling the other Harry Potter movies. The acting is superb and the beasts are nothing you could imagine. The sad part was the use of orphans and that they were abused by their adoptive mom. Very disturbing.
We rated the movie an 8.5!