Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week of October 24th - Khan Club and Golfing

On Monday, AA attended her first Khan Academy Club after school at OPE. Mrs. Doty created this club for any 4th grader who wanted to learn more about resources on line and do more math. We were pleased when we mentioned it to AA, that she jumped on and said yes! Afterwards, she and Daddy Ford went out and played nine holes, not to keep score this time, but to practice some swings she needed to use in this past Sunday's tournament. Always something to learn in golf!
So we have had to juggle/change horse riding lessons for this month as Monday's was her riding day. In November, she will go an hour later and be able to stay longer to make up for some missed time.

The Eagle Harbor PGA Junior Team continues to practice on Tuesday's and Thursday's while I stay home with the puppy. She's a hand full! The weather is perfect, reaching about 80 degrees and the lows in the 60's. We also get on our bikes now, the breeze is nice. Perfect outdoor weather with low to medium humidity. When I work in the yard - still picking up from the hurricane, I do work up a sweat in short order, mostly due to the humidity. I am sure cooler weather is on the way.
Friday, AA had her monthly lesson with Anne Cain, worked with her driver and 3-wood, keeping her swing plane flat.

AA did well in her two day NFJG tournament at the King and Bear. This is the longest yardage that the Foundation group plays (2700+). We looked up the Girls High School State golf tournament that is this week, and they play the same distance. So now I understand why it challenges AA! She kept up with the other four boys who were either 11 or 12 years old and the one her age (4th grade) weighs at least 20 pounds more than she does (Phillip has moved up to the 10 - 12 boys - the "elite" boys Foundation section). Jack and Kevin giving out the awards:

 AA, Cole and Richard:
AA was pleased to be playing in the last group - she did well and tried to move up to 2nd place. We need to have a few practice rounds at this course before playing again!
Lunch provided by NFJG!! Yummy burgers - they are always good at this cafe and over at the Slammer and Squire (WGV).
We have been watching the Jaguars have another losing season, the Cubs in the World series and we watched the Florida-Georgia game this weekend - Florida won!! Lots of football!

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