Wednesday, October 19, 2016

OPE Grade 4 - 1st Quarter Awards Ceremony

AA had a GREAT first quarter at school - fourth grade! This year they begin the honor roll and use letter grades. This was the first academic ceremony we have been to. 
AA's all A's report card (all 100 scores!):

Waiting at her class table with Jane W. beside her and Connor W. across the table.
She received the perfect attendance (which included excused absences):
They called the A-B Honor Roll, and took us a while to figure out that they would be doing an all "A" Honor roll:
And last, they gave out the top student award for each subject by class. AA received the Mathematics Award!
AA in her class line, heading back to the classroom:
We are proud that our daughter does her homework, studies her lessons and pays attention in school!

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