Thursday, October 06, 2016

October 2016 (the start of Hurricane Matthew)

Monday October 3rd - Since having the puppy, nothing quite gets done like it used to. We are constantly watching for signs that she need to go outside. When AA tries to do her exercises, Ginger is right on top or underneath AA!

October 4th - Our 31st Anniversary; flowers from Ford! It was a typical day, to the golf course (and dinner at Talon's) and library. Ford and I are running away (locally) for two nights while Aunt Carolyn babysits AA. I am nervous but so thankful that Ford feels well enough to get a change of scenery and get back to normal. We haven't had much time to reflect on our busy lives and how Ford is getting better. So lots of walking, playing tourist next week.
Wednesday, the 5th - We finally found the time to take all the dog food donations from AA's birthday to the Clay County Animal Control Shelter. Ford made taco cups for dinner. It was raining so no golfing time; everything is beginning to close down to prepare for Hurricane Matthew, a category 5 storm; by the time it arrives near us, should be a category 3 storm, and hopefully off shore enough to lower our winds.
Thursday, October 06, 2016: No school so we did a little more preparations for Hurricane Matthew, ran an errand, saw a crowd at the FI Fire Station trying to get sand bags, plus grabbed a treat for AA at Sweet Frog's. Boy did I take grief on Facebook about not bringing some home for Ford and the dog!!
From Facebook: Decided to run out to get thank you notes for AA to start writing while storm is here but stores are closed!! Except for SweetFrog! Yummy! {sun is trying to shine between the early bands of rain}
fm - oh sure. and leave me home to dog sit!
fm - Ginger and I got snubbed big time!!
River House on Thursday afternoon: the hurricane won't reach us for another 24 hours and hopefully will be a weaker storm. So many things cancelled, from AA's Chinese Lesson, the EH PGA Team golf practices, to the WEB.COM Golf Tournament that we had tickets given to us and AA's Saturday EH Team Tournament cancelled.
And I tried a new recipe from Cook's Country, but we didn't really like the flavor, all good with eggs, ham and Gruyere cheese. Just a bit rich and too many calories!
Now to wait until the storm blows by us!

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