Monday, October 17, 2016

More of October 2016!

Ford and I made a two-night stay in St. Augustine as a mental and physical get-away. We walked for miles (hours) and recharged by resting and enjoying just the two of us. Alone. No kid. No puppy. As a treat for Ford's three month anniversary of his quadruple bypass surgey. Big thank you for Carolyn coming to our house, taking AA to school and golf practices, plus I think they had some fun too.
We dropped off some food (pizza casserole) at Leaa's to help out while their first floor is torn apart (repairs after Hurricane Matthew).

We walked to the St. Augustine Spirits Distillery/Restaurant (the "Ice Plant") on Thursday late afternoon after checking in to the St. George Inn. Great location, by the City Gates and the Fort. Nice balcony with a view of the bay and Fort. The drinks were exceptional! I had the champagne cocktail (sans sugar). Loved the flavor of the orange bitters. Ford enjoyed a margarita; great selection for happy hour prices.
We enjoyed an appetizer - crab beignets. Delicious!!
Ford spoke to the Bartender about the Monkey Scotch, told us about some tastings he had been to and pulled out two metal stirrers from his briefcase and gave them to Ford! Said they give out nice bartender equipment too.
From our Inn to the Ice Plant, is about as far away as you can get, diagonally through town. We walked to the Tapas Bar and enjoyed more champagne and appetizers. As we strolled through the old section (St. George Street) there was plenty of free music. We actually sat at one and had a drink. The band was the Fire Water Tent Revival.
 More champagne!
Sitting upstairs Tapas balcony, over-looking the Columbia Restaurant:
Friday, we walked early to find coffee as our Inn did not open until 8:00 for breakfast; this town is SLEEPY in the morning. Our plan was to explore the Fort since we had never been in it (incredible that we have been here 31+ years), and possible go on a Ghost Tour. With Hurricane Matthew just passed six days ago, I estimated that about 30% of businesses were still making repairs and were closed. We later found out the original Ghost Tour we wanted to go one would not be in operation for another evening.
We entered the Fort and was surprised to find that it was free due to the Hurricane, many attractions were free while partially open (between the damage, drying and renovations). We watched as they fired the cannon and enjoyed the views.
Walking around ALOT, we strolled through part of Flagler College.
We ate a lunch at Bull and Crown Publick House but decided not very good, so would not go back. Dinner was at the Chianti Room (part of the Pizza shop). The food was good with free music on the porch. After listening to more music, we headed to our room for our last night.
The "old city gates":
We arrived home on Saturday to take AA to her Eagle Harbor Golf Team event. EH won against UNF Team (AA and Bella). Carolyn visited awhile, then left. What a great gift from Carolyn, got us away for awhile and we enjoyed the streets of St. Augustine! We did miss AA and she said she missed us!

Saturday morning, Kaydee was home for the weekend, so AA and she both played Minecraft together (before AA's golf team event).
Sunday, we walked with Kaydee's Mom's - Kim and Windy to the Orange Park Festival. There were many demonstrations (shaving ice for ice-es by foot power, a man wood burning with the sun light, etc), lots of vendors, food trucks, free music and a few nice rides that required $5 each or an arm band. Since we were only staying a short time, the girls were disappointed a bit not going on the rides.
Enjoying their ice slushee!
It was a hot day, low 80's so the girls chose to jump in the pool. On October 16th! The water was 80 degrees so refreshing!
They played for about 30 minutes, then Kaydee needed to get ready for her ride back to her Dad's home.

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